Till Innehållsförteckning

Mission 2

Episode 1 - The Land of the Lotuseaters

Go and talk to the man sitting on the stairs.

You don't understand much of what he is saying.

Walk towards the big temple in front of you. Go up all the stairs to the room at the top. On the back wall there are two inscriptions, Put yourself in front of the left one and press space to read it. Then do the same with the right one.

You have to prepare a potion with the given ingredients.

Go down to the pond and pick some lotus seeds. No use talking to the woman. The only thing se says is la-la-la.

Go towards the see where this episode started.

Just above the stairs you'll find a filter to pick up. Then turn around and pick up the kettle.

Descend the stairs and go close to the shore. Press Enter to pick up some water.
Now go to the top of the stairs and then left of the big house.

Go to the stone bridge to the left.

Save the game then pass the bridge.

Tread carefully and avoid falling down, this bridge is very tricky.
Go forward to the pink wall then follow it to the left and you'll see an open fire.
Put the kettle on the fire.

Go to the right and first place the filter on the machine and then the lotus seed.

Go back to the kettle and place yourself above it. Press Space to lower the kettle.

Wait for the kettle to glow. Then press Space again to rise the kettle. Go down and place yourself in front of the kettle and press Space. You will empty the kettle into the machine and the water runs through the filter and soaks the seed.

Take the now empty kettle, Go to the machine and press Enter to fill the kettle with the purple fluid.

Exit the shed and press Enter.

Choose "Drink". Now things are starting to happen. The screen goes white a couple of times and the colors and the music changes. You have been drugged.

Go towards the bride, but save your game before you cross it.

Go towards the shed to the right. A woman calls out to get your attention. Speak to her. She tells you that somebody is trying to poison the people and warns you that it is dangerous drinking the lotus brew.

You are now free to examine the town and talk to the people. Behind the blue door you find the king and some people around a kettle with lotus-brew. Near the parapet some soldiers are sharing a pot and in the temple you'll also find some people cherishing the drug.

Exit the temple and continue walking counter clockwise. At the corner of the house with the blue stairs you'll see a person turning around the corner.

Save the game at the very moment you see him. You won't get control until he has vanished. Then be very quick and run to catch him. You'll see him rounding another house and cross a bridge.
Hurry over the bridge before he disappears.
This is a very tricky episode and you'll probably have to redo it a couple of times, that's why it is good to have a saved game to restart.

If you catch him you'll fall to the ground and get a couple of white screens. When you wake up he is sitting beside you.

Talk to him about everything.
His name is Krisis and he too warns you that the lotus-brew is very dangerous.
The only thing that can help you is going through the Forest of Oblivion and find the Gorgon's head.
When the dialog is over you'll find yourself in the forest.

When you get control you are standing in the middle of a clearing.
Go straight forward. After a couple of paces an owl is passing over your head.
Turn around and follow the owl.

The owl comes back once more to show you the way. Follow her.

You come to a new clearing and the goddess Athena shows herself to you. Go to her and she'll give you a shield.
Your inventory is blocked for a while. You'll get access to it later when you need it.

Retrace your steps and follow the owl twice as before.
You stop on top of a hill.
Go to the right of the screen through some brambles and you'll see the Gorgon's palace . Enter it.

Go towards the right part of the screen.
Stand beside a stone and press Enter to put your shield down.

Get your sword. Press Enter a couple of times to bang with your sword at the shield.
Keep banging until the Gorgon comes to look.

When she falls hurry up to her and press Enter again to decapitate her.
Put down your sword and take the head. Go up to the next level.

There you'll find a scale.

Put the head on the right side of the scale. It sinks down and empties the well.

Jump into the hole.

You'll fall down on the cliff outside town.
Krisis is waiting for you. He has helped you because Odysseus earlier has helped him.

He tells you to continue your journey westwards.

Go to the shore and board your ship.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.