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Mission 2

Episode 3 - The Island of Circe

When you get control you are standing beside your ship.
Pigs are running around everywhere.
Turn around and take a couple of steps until you get a new view.
Don't go to the big house but to the left, to the pigsty.

Enter and go all three flights upstairs.
There you meet Circe. Talk to her.
She tells you that she too had a vision of your wife, Alimir, who wants to see you.

To make this possible you must drink a potion.
As your wish is to see your wife you agree and drinks the potion.
Circe has fooled you. To her all men are pigs and so she turns every man she meet into a pig. Now you understand why there are many pigs at this place.

Go down the stairs and then return here.
You'll hear Merope talk to Circe asking about Heritias.
Circe tells him you are turned into a pig and he declares he is going to slaughter all the pigs.

Circe draws a trident and tries to kill Merope but instead he takes the trident and puts it into Circe, who falls to the ground. Merope walks away.

Talk to Circe. She tells you the trident is poisoned but that she is only slightly wounded.
She asks you to go to her laboratory and fetch a bottle with antidote and bring it back to her.
There is a staircase, but it has a door that you can't open from this side. You must find another way.

You must also beware of Merope. If he sees you he kills you.
If you hear him coming run as fast as you can down the stairs and out of the house.
The stairs are a bit tricky, it's difficult to find the right spot to go up or down.

You must go to the laboratory through one of its windows.
Go upstairs to the terrace. These stairs are tricky too.

When you are out continue up to the roof.

Continue clockwise around the roof and you'll find an open, lit, skylight
Jump through it into the laboratory.
A bag and two bottles are hanging from the rack.

Gnaw the rope that is holding the bag. The bag falls on a shelf. The shelf brakes and falls down.

Then pick up the cushion and walk downstairs.
When you come to the door, press Space to open it.

Put the cushion near the plank, right under the bottle.
Now the bottle can fall down without breaking.
Afterwards you have to go back to the laboratory and fetch the bottle.
As you can't take the stairs you must once again take the window-way.

Go to the rightmost bottle and gnaw the rope. The bottle lands on the cushion. (If not you have taken the wrong bottle.)

Walk downstairs and give the bottle to Circe.
She drinks and get cured.

To reward you she turns you back into Heritias.
She tells you that Odysseus once was here. As he didn't know what way to take, Circe advised him to go to Hell and consult the dead prophet Tiresias. She tells you to do the same and to make an offer to the dead. She gives you a list of ingredients to find, and also a trident

Return to your ship.

It takes you to sea again.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.