1 - The stolen Jewel, summer 1699

Part 1 - Charles-Louis finds lodging and
delivers a letter of recommendation


The arrival of Faverolles at Versailles

You'll find yourself at the court outside the Royal Stables. Take a step forward. Behind the cart, a groom is brushing down a horse. Click once to make him turn and once again to talk to him.
Unfortunately M. Boisseuilh has not yet arrived.
The groom turns out to be an old acquaintance of yours and he gives you some good advice. First of all you must find some lodgings. There are many people in Versailles at the time being and he tells you to go to the Pelican Inn. You'll find it at the big house called Grand Commun.

Return the same way you entered. When you come to the portal you'll get a small map. Click at it to get a close-up.

Point at the houses until you find Grand Commun. Click and you are taken there.

Talk to the guard and he will tell you that the inn is just to your left.
Turn left and click at the door to the left of the big portal.
Enter the inn.

The Innkeeper is cleaning the tables and a drunkard is singing incessantly at the back of the room.
Talk to the innkeeper.
He won't talk to you until you have rid him of the drunkard.

Talk to the drunkard. You soon realize it is no use you must get help from a guard.

Exit the inn and find a guard to ask for help.

Neither the guard you met earlier, nor the one you'll find a bit further on will help you. They tell you that you must ask the Provost Guard.

Find the guard with the blue uniform. He is standing at the far end of the square.

He will come to your help at once, and before long the drunkard is thrown out.

Enter the inn and talk to the innkeeper once more. He has a room for you but he wants 50 livres per month and in advance. You have only 40 livres. You can of course search for a room elsewhere but you won't find one so you have better try to negotiate with the innkeeper.

Get your purse and show it to the innkeeper. You offer to pay him 35 livres now and the rest in a couple of days. The innkeeper is grateful that you took care of the drunkard and accepts your offer.

Exit the inn. First turn right and then left until you get the small map.

The big stable

Choose the Big Stables, Grandes Ecuries,
Take a step forward and turn right.
Two men are talking. Point at them and your cursor becomes an ear.
Click to eavesdrop.
The man to the left is Sinzendorf, the Austrian Emperor's envoy to Versailles.
The other man is as courtier, Duc d'Arceuil. They are talking about the Spanish succession and how the outcome might influence Europe. Look closely at the men. You need to know who is who when you meet them later.

Your old friend Golipeau is now working on a saddle. Talk to him. He tells you that Boisseuilh has arrived and is standing among the horses in the stable.
Enter the stable. Listen to the to men talking. The left man is Marquis de Dangeau and the man to the right is Boisseuilh. They are talking about this night's ball and about the mysterious thefts of saddles and caparisons. The marquis also mentions the theft of a diamond, but adds that the King says that he already knows the name of the thief.

The game is true to history relating the Spanish succession and most of the persons are historical.
To the left is a portrait of count Sinzendorf, the ambassador of emperor Leopold I. Sinzendorf is sent to Versailles to observe and await events. Later you will see that he is empowered to do much more.
To the right is Marquis Dangeau, a perfect courtier very estimated as a tactful messenger and used to intervene in intrigues. He is confident to duchess of Bourgogne, aged 15 and married to the King's eldest grandson.

When the conversation between Boisseuilh and Dangeau is finished get your letter and give it to Boisseuilh. He seems friendly and asks you about your father. He tells you that the king is suspicious of those who scorn the military profession, but as it seems to be your father's will he agrees to help you. You must talk to Marquis de Torcy who is responsible for foreign affairs. He tells you to take a saddle to de Torcy. If you can't find him you can give the saddle to Blondel, his head clerk.
Marquis de Dangeau has left the stable and d'Arceuil has entered instead. Look closely at all of them and be sure you can recognize them when you meet again.
Exit and talk to Golipeau. Take the saddle.
Go to the portal until you get the map.

Minister's Wing

Choose Minister's Wing.

To the right you can see the building on a painting from 1725.
Cryo sure has tried to follow reality.

Marquis de Torcy, the secretary of State, has his office at the ground floor

When you get there the room is full of courtiers trying to obtain an interview with de Torcy.
A man addresses you.
He advises you to bribe the Bailiff with three livres. That is custom and the only way to be admitted.
Turn around and go to the man standing alone to the left of the door. Talk to him. It is evident that you have to bribe him. Show him your purse and you give him three livres.

He summons the Head Clerk Blondel at once. Give the saddle to Blondel.
He is absolutely negative to your wish to become a diplomat. You can't do anything but leave.
When you pass the man at the bench he addresses you again and advises you to attend the King's Grand Couvert, a dinner open to the public where royalties eat and prominent people meet. To the right you can see a painting from such a dinner.
Better try to follow the man's advice. Perhaps you can find someone there to help you. Exit the room.
This time you don't get a map, you are taken directly to your room at the inn.

You have to dress yourself for dinner. You say to yourself that you must have hair well groomed, hat and sword.
Pick up the hat from the chair and put it in your directory. Then pick up the gloves from the table and the sword from the bed.

Click at the icon of yourself in the upper row to the right in the inventory to get a close up.
Get the hat and put it on your head. Then do the same with the gloves and the sword. (The gloves are necessary though you haven't mentioned them.) When you are fully dressed click at the icon to the left in the lower row in inventory to exit the close up.
If you are correctly dressed you can exit the room, else you have to redo the procedure.
Take one step forward and then turn left and enter the dark corridor.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Versailles II, The Testament,
from Cryo Interactive Entertainment. The pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.