1 - The stolen Jewel, summer 1699

Part 2 - Charles-Louis helps Lhulier solving a problem,
gets a diamond but looses it again


The Pelican inn in the evening

Go downstairs.
If you talk to the innkeeper he only reminds you of your dept.
Talk instead to the man sitting at the table near him.
He tells you that you can't attend the King's dinner but promises to talk to the guards and arrange for you to go there tomorrow night.
He wants you to play at cards with him and when you tell him that you lack money he says you can put Elvira's locket at stage but you refuse.

The man then tells you he is assisting buildings inspector Lhuilier. He is at the moment arranging a redecoration of the King's bedroom. If you can show that you have some knowledge and common sense he might find an employment for you.
You get a picture of the bedroom and 12 tools in a row.
Each tool represents a trade. Your mission is to place the tools at the right spot on the picture in the order suitable to do the specified work.
It is a simple puzzle, you can't do wrong. If you use a tool at the right time and at the right place it is marked with a blue color. Click at it and the work is done. You can't leave the puzzle until it is finished.

Here you see the 12 tools named, from left to right, A - L.

At the picture above you can see in which order and at what location you can place the tools. There are many solutions, this is just one of them. When the puzzle is solved you are returned to Lhuilier.
He tells you to meet him at 9.00 o'clock the next morning at the Colonnade grove. He will introduce you to his boss Mansart. He tells you to try to make a good impression and Mansart might employ you.

When hew has told you this a provost guard enters the inn. Quickly Lhuilier vanishes but before he goes he puts something in your hand.
Whe you look you ca see it is a big diamond.
This is strange especially after what you heard this morning about the theft of the prince's jewel.

Talk to the man at the other table.
He proposes a game.
It is a very simple game, just guess at which number the spinning top will stop.
Since you lack money you have to put your diamond at stake.
Click at a number at the top of the screen, then click at the diamond as your stake.

The man makes his bet.
Click at the spinning top and take it, then click again to spin.
Bad luck. You loose the diamond at your first bet.
Talk to the innkeeper. He feels sorry for you and says ca wait a little longer for his 15 livres.
After this the first day is automatically ended

Till föregående sidaTill nästa sida.

The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Versailles II, The Testament,
from Cryo Interactive Entertainment. The pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.