2 - The Water Quest

Part 2 - Charles-Louis gets several letters
and plays at cards with duke d'Arcueil



Choose the Pall-Mall.
When you get to the area, you can see several persons playing the game.
You can read about the game in the Encyclopaedia.

Turn left and you'll see Castel dos Rios. Click at him and he is coming towards you. Click again to talk to him. He reminds you about the passport he has promised you and asks you to meet him at Marais at 5 PM.
You are interrupted by Dangeau who wants to talk about the Spanish King.

While you are talking secretly the mystical lady passes close behind you. She always seems to be near trying to listen to secret conversation. Who is she?
Dangeau sees the mallet you have brought and states that it has a royal mark. It can only belong to one of three persons, the princes, all of them present here.

Turn left and take a step forward and turn left again. Talk to the guard. He tells you to come back later.
Turn right and go to the first prince on the right. Talk to him. It is not his mallet.

Continue to the next prince at the left of the area.
Neither he owns the club.
It then has to belong to duke d'Anjou.
Turn and go to the duke. Now he is available. Give him the mallet.
He thanks you.

He is playing with two ladies. One of them is your mysterious lady. She is just now using the mallet to get rid of a brown ball.
You cannot see exactly where it lands.

Duke d'Anjou asks you to fetch the ball.
Turn right and walk towards the wooden turret.
In the grass near the fence you'll find the balls.
Pick up the brown one in the middle.

Look up ant to the right and you'll see your mysterious lady waiting outside the fence.
Give her the ball and she'll give you a letter. She then asks you to meet her at 5 PM at the Ballroom. She has something to tell you, a secret she has heard at Madame the Maintenon's house.
Put the letter on the magnifying glass in inventory to read it.
It is in french but you can click at it to have it translated. Her name is Prospérine. She gives you the advise to distance yourself from duke d'Arcueil and, as she does, only attach yourself to the person who enjoys the highest regard of the King. She must mean Madame the Maintenon.

When you turn around you'll see duke d'Arcueil who evidently has seen your receiving the letter.
It seems strange. Is he spying at you?
He invites you to play a game of Lansquenet with him at the Encelade in the evening.
Now you have three appointments to keep at the same hour. Can you do it?

Grand Commun

The only place you can choose is Grand Commun.
When you get there take the steps and enter the corridor. Go left and you'll find Perdrix waiting for you. When you tell him that you would prefer a Hydraulics engineer Perdrix tells you that his brother is such a one.

Go to your room. Perdrix is already there and has brought your dinner.
He tells you that you have got some letters. You are displeased because you think Perdrix has read them, but he tells you that Boisseuilh has brought them here.
Then he asks you to eat your dinner.
You hear the clock strike three.

But the letters interest you more. Pick up one at a time and read them in inventory.
All three are from Elvira and in French. Click at them if you want them translated. She writes about the life at court and about her love. She also tells you the new queen is trying to persuade the king to leave it all to Archduke Charles. Countess de Perlitz has been sent to the Emperor Leopold to prevent him from signing the treaty but first she is going to Versailles trying to find the full content of the treaty. Elvira begs you to prevent her finding this out.
Now you have to hurry to the meeting with d'Arcueil.
Exit the house and take the stairs to the right. At the coach in the background you'll get the map.


Choose Encelade. Walk to the alcove where you earlier talked to dos Rios. (Left, forward, left.)
Some men are there playing Lansquenet. Talk to d'Arcueil.
He has been loosing and asks you to take his place and win so that he can pay off all his debts.

You can read the rules in the Encyclopaedia. They are very simple. One deck of cards is used. Each gets a card and makes a bet. Next card is drawn from the stack. If somebody has a card of the same valor and the same basic color (black or red) he wins all and a new round starts. Click at a card to the see the winning card.

Click at your bourse in the lower tight corner to start the round.
1 - Click at the up-arrow beside the bourse to rise your bet 5, livres at the time.

2 - When you think it is enough, click at the money to see the other bets.
3 - Click at the stack to draw a card.
The winner gets his winnings automatically.
If there is no winner you must rise your bet before a new card can be drawn.
Repeat the points 1 - 3 until somebody wins.

Sooner or later you will win and d'Arcueil can pay off his debts.
You won't accept a gift from him but he gives you an advise.
Don't acquire Madame de Maintenon's displeasure by courting her god-daughter Prospérine
Madame's intention is to marry Prospérine off to the rich old Count de Maillebois who lacks heirs. He also tells you that Bandols wants to visit the underground tunnels.


Go to the map and choose Marais to keep your appointment with Castel dos Rios.
Talk to him. You'll be disappointed. He can't give you the passport. King Louis has promised the Spanish King that nobody from his court may enter Spain.
You can't but accept.

Turn around and take two steps forward. Then turn left and you'll get the map.
Choose Ballroom to try to be in time for meeting Prospérine.

The Ballroom

You are a minute too late. Just as you arrive, Prospérine and two ladies are entering and the gate is closed.
Try your key, it won't work.
Talk to the musician standing at the right inside the gate. He thinks Prospérine would come if he played her favorite tune. Unfortunately he doesn't know which it is. But if you can find out and get a sheet of the music he is willing to play the tune.

Grand Commun

Go to the map and choose Grand Commun. You'll come to the open place.
Go straight forward and then left and enter the door to the inn.

The man you had thrown out earlier is evidently a musician. Talk to him.
You can buy a sheet of music from him for two livres but you must choose for yourself.
Pick up a sheet of music and click it at the man.

He plays the tune. Then he asks you if it is the right one.
You will automatically recognize the right tune.
If it is not the right tune, pick up another sheet and redo the procedure until you find the right one.
It is called Turkish March.
Look at the sheet of music in your inventory and check that you have got the right one.

The Ballroom

Exit the inn. Go to the map and return to the Ballroom.
Talk to the musician and you'll give him the sheet of music.
He plays the tune and Prospérine comes to the gate.
Talk to her. She gives you a sealed letter and tells you to read it when you are alone and then destroy the letter immediately.
Check that you have a sealed letter in inventory.

Grand Commun

Exit through the gate and you are taken to your room. Open the inventory. You no longer have a sealed letter there but choose the letter with broken seal and put it on the magnifying glass to read it.
The King has signed the treaty to divide the Spanish Kingdom with England and Holland. Neither the Spanish King nor the emperor must know.
She asked you to destroy the letter. Take the lighter to the right on the table.

You are now asked if you want to keep or destroy the letter. Choose Destroy.
(You will be asked to insert CD number 2.)

You will see the letter being burnt.
At the same time you hear a loud knocking at your door in the outer room.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Versailles II, The Testament,
from Cryo Interactive Entertainment. The pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.