2 - The Water Quest

Part 3 - Charles-Louis is searching for a message
and exploring the underground tunnels


Grand Commun

The knocking gets louder. Go to the outer room and open the door. It is Bandols. He wants you to fetch a spirit lever and a spring-adjusting caliper from his room and gives you his key.
Exit into the corridor. If Bandols gets in your way, return to the inner room and then try again.
Talk to Perdrix on your way. He promises to talk to his brother to provide you with a key to the tunnels.

Go to Pelican Inn. The innkeeper won't let you in. Show him the key and he'll let you pass.
Take the stairs and then go forward to the small corridor. Turn right and go through the door.
Turn left.

Use the key on the door and enter the room.
At the window there is a small chest.
Open it and take the spirit-lever.

Turn around and look at the floor to the right of the bed.
Pick up the spring-adjusting caliper.
Leave the inn and return to the kitchen to look for Perdrix and the key to the tunnels.
Perdrix is not there. Talk to the woman at the big table.
She tells you that a Swiss guard has been looking for you and Perdrix vanished but said that he had hidden a message for you somewhere in the kitchen.

Search the kitchen until you get an active cursor.
You'll find one on a pot under the table to the right of the woman. Click.
There is a note in the pot. Click to get it inventory.
Use the magnifying glass to read it.

Strange message.
Key removal of Prosperine.
Is Prospérine in danger or what does this mean.
Exit the house and go to the map.

Look at the map to see where you can go. There is a new place called Queen's Staircase. Perhaps Prospérine is there.

Take the big staircase then walk left along the corridor towards the open door.

Enter the room. Prospérine is standing at the upper left corner. Go and talk to her.
When you show her the letter and tells her she is in danger she thinks you have misunderstood the note. She thinks it rather is Proserpine then Prospérine and that you ought to go to the Colonnade instead.
Exit the house to get the map and this time choose the Colonnade.


Take one step forward towards the statue.
Look down and pick up the key.
Exit through the gate to the map. Choose Marais to meet with Bandols.


Talk to the man who is raking. He tells you that Bandols went in to the right.
Turn right and enter the opening.

Turn left and talk to Bandols.
He is scolding you for being late.
He tells you to enter the tunnels and measure the pipe diameters with the spring-adjusting caliper and check the gradients with the spirit-lever.
Turn right and take the lamp to the right of the path.
Click with the lamp on the door to enter the tunnels.
It is very dark but take a step forward and you can see better

There are two openings in front of you. Enter the left one and take a step forward.
Turn right. There is a laced gate. Enter the tunnel to the right of the gate and take two steps forward.

For the moment you can't go any further.
Leading into the right tunnel is a pipe. Get the spirit-lever from inventory. Search with it on the pipe until it is activated, then click. When the measuring is done the cursor turns to a hand.
Take one step forward into the right tunnel . You'll see a rectangular opening on the wall but you can't go there yet. Turn right and search the pipe with your pointer. When it changes to a hand, get the caliper from inventory and click it where it gets activated. When finished it changes to a hand.
Enter the rectangular opening and take one step forward.

Turn right and search with your cursor on the pipe. When the cursor changes to a hand get the spirit-lever from inventory and click with it when it gets active.
Before you have finished you her someone coming and quickly climbs the ladder to hide.

It is a guard looking for you.
When he is gone you climb down but the ladder breaks and water is rushing in through the holes in the wall.

The tunnels are being filled with water.
The next sequence is time-controlled and has to be done completely before you next time can see the water filled tunnel. After that picture has been shown you are returned to the starting point and has to do the whole sequence all over again.
Quickly take one step forward and turn left. Take one step forward into the left tunnel.

Quickly turn right and click at the metal rungs on the back wall.
You climb up and gets out.
Outside the guard is waiting for you.
Talk to him. He wants you to show everything in the pockets. He wants the compromising letter from Prospérine.
Luckily you have destroyed that letter. Give him the first letter from the young lady.
(If you haven't destroyed the letter the game will end.)

You are allowed to pass the guard. Behind him you find duke d'Arcueil. Talk to him.
He is very pleased with you and promises to introduce you to Marquis de Torcy.
Turn left and go to the map.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Versailles II, The Testament,
from Cryo Interactive Entertainment. The pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.