3 - The Exposure

Part 1 - Charles-Louis studies the Spanish succession and plays a game of Pall-Mall

(If you interrupt the conversation you are dismissed. Exit through the gate and you are taken to your room where you write your resignation. There is a knock at the door and the ambassador arrives and gives you the passport. He tells you about the missing letters and tells you to talk to the riders.
Go to the map and choose Grandes Ecuries.)


Grand Commun

You are sitting at dinner in Grand Commun. Talk to the man in front of you. He tells you about the rumor that the king is laughing at the idea that duke d'Anjou is in line for the Spanish succession.
You try to say that it is correct but are ridiculed and not allowed to leave until you have proved it.
You get a succession chart for France (left), Spain (center) and Germany/Austria (right).
The sovereigns of France and Germany and their oldest sons and oldest grandsons who are in line for the crown in these countries are not in line for the Spanish crown. Place the crown at these five persons and at the Spanish king. You can get some help in the encyclopaedia under the heading Europe in 1700.

Five persons remain and we number them 1 to 5 from left to right.
On the picture above to the right you can see where to place the portraits.

When the puzzle is correct turn left and leave the room.
Outside Perdrix is waiting for you. He tells you duke d'Anjou wants to meet you at the Small.
You are accustomed now to his language and know that he means the Mall.


Exit the house and go to the map. Choose Pall-Mall.
Duke d'Arcueil, duke d'Anjou and Marquis Dangeau are waiting for you.
The prince wants to play with you and Dangeau warns you that the prince doesn't want to loose.
The game is easy. Look at the scale at the bottom of the screen. A yellow arrow is moving over the scale when it is your turn to strike.

Thanks to your skill your team wins.
The prince says he wants you in his ordinary team if the king permits.
He expects to see you again this evening at the ball.
As soon as the game is finished you are taken to the map.
Choose Grand Commun.

Grand Commun

Turn to the bed and click at your clothes.
You dress automatically and your valet Perdrix thinks that you are "Prince as a handsome".

Go to the door in the outer room and into the corridor and you'll be taken to the Ballroom.

Till föregående sidaTill nästa sida.

The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Versailles II, The Testament,
from Cryo Interactive Entertainment. The pictures are taken from the game.
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