3 - The Exposure

Part 4 - Charles-Louis looks for a mad-man
and plays Blind man's bluff


The War Room

You are automatically taken to the castle where the king tells you to wait for him after the mass.
You enter the War Room. Look around.
Castel dos Rios stands to the left at the window. Go to him.

Talk to him. You learn that Elvira is taken prisoner by the German faction and accused with spying. All your letters have been taken from her. The only person that might be able to help you is count Sinzendorf the Emperor's ambassador.
He is at the moment in Marais.
Turn right and you'll see d'Arcueil. Go and talk to him.
He gives you the French passport and wants to talk about Prospérine.
When you tell him you are in a hurry to find Sinzendorf he says that Sinzendorf has asked for an audience with the King but de Torcy refused when Sinzendorf wouldn't divulge the reason.
Walk to the door and the map and choose Marais.


Go straight forward and then turn left and you'll see Sinzendorf.
Talk to him. You tell him about Elvira and he promises to help you if you if you can arrange an audience for him with the King.
You promise to try.
Exit through the gate and you are automatically taken to the palace.

The War Room

You are right on time. The King and his suite is just entering the room.
The King tells you a rider is coming from Madrid and you must take him to the King as soon as he arrive.

Grandes Ecuries

Go to the stables and talk both to Boisseuilh and Golipeau.
Both say that the rider hasn't arrived yet.

Exit from the area and choose Queen's Staircase at the map

Queen's Staircase

Walk all stairs to the landing.
Talk to de Torcy.
He seems negative when you mention Sinzendorf but when he learns that the ambassador has full power to sign the treaty, he promises to arrange an audience.
He also tells you a man has been arrested in one of the groves, an wants you to check if it is the right man. Afterwards you shall meet de Torcy at the Minister's wing. Walk down the stairs.


You get the map. Choose Marais.
Go to Sinzendorf and tell him that he will get an audience.
Sinzendorf tells you he will be in the Ballroom all evening,
Now you have to find out who has been arrested. Torcy didn't say where so you must find out for yourself


Start with the Colonnade.
Talk to the guard. He admits that a person has been arrested but can't reveal more.
Turn around and talk to the engineer.
He has only head that a madman tried to jump from a tower used for pruning high trees


Continue to the Encelade. Walk left until you see a man raking.
Talk to him. He knows Nothing but says he is in a hurry to go pruning trees at the Mall.
Go to the entrance until you get the map. Choose Pall-Mall.

Pall Mall

Talk to the courtier. He has seen it all. When the man could not escape from the guards he climbed the tower and tried to jump. But the guards got him before then.
Go to the tower as near as you can come. Pick up the rake behind the other tools.

Climb the tower. Turn left and look at the top of the hedge. You can see something small, white lying there but you can't reach it..
Use the rake to pick it up.
It is a coded message.
Walk towards the entrance.

Grand Commun

You are taken automatically to your room.
Get the "Message from the hedge" from inventory and use it on the code-book at the table.
Look in inventory. The message has changed named and is now called "Coded Message".
(If not you must redo the passage.)
Place it at the magnifying glass and you can read it. Click once more to translate it.
The message reads: "The King is dead and he named the duke d'Anjou"

Talk to Golipeau and tell him to go to Grandes Ecuries at once.
There he is to wait for the rider from Madrid and quickly take him to Charles-Louis who will be at the Ballroom in the evening.
Exit the house to the map. Choose Minister's Wing.

Minister's Wing

Talk to Blondel at the door with the drapery.
Marquis de Torcy is at dinner but Blondel will summon him.
Tell de Torcy about the coded message. Torcy says that it is false.

Go towards the entrance. When you pass duke d'Arcueil he tells you that the King wants to talk to you at the terrace before he goes hunting.
Click at the map on the door and you are taken to the terrace.

Palace Terrace

The King tells you that he has granted Sinzendorf an audience and orders you to tell this to Sinzendorf and to de Torcy. Then he asks if the rider has arrived.
When the King stops talking you get the map.
You have to talk to Sinzendorf so choose Ballroom.

Ball Room

Open the gate and go to the persons you see a bit further on.
It is the duchess of Bourgogne, married to the Dauphin, who is talking to Sinzendorf. Talk to her.
She has just asked Sinzendorf to join her in playing Blind Man's Bluff but he has refused. Now you are chosen instead. Your eyes are blindfolded but it is not very effective. You can look through some small openings.

Search with the pointer until you find the duchess. Click at her and choose her name at the lower left of the screen.
Then find Marquis Dangeau to the right of the duchess. Click at him and choose his name.

Continue searching to the right and you'll find Castel dos Rios in black.
Click at him and chose his name.
A little bit further to the right you find Sinzendorf.
Click at him and choose his name.
When you have found all four the game ends.

Go to the mosaic path in front of you. Turn left and go forward. Turn right and take the stairs up to Sinzendorf. Talk to him
You tell him that he has been granted an audience with the King this evening and he gives you the imperial pass. Now you have all the passports you need.
Turn around and walk down the steps to Castel dos Rios. He congratulates you but says that for Spain all is over. Now the German faction supported by the queen will reign in Spain. You will never be able to live there.
You tell him that maybe everything is not lost. If the spy was an Englishman the coded message is false and made just for the purpose of having the emperor to sign the treaty. You think you may persuade Sinzendorf to refuse the audience of his own accord.

Return to the entrance to the grove. Perdrix and the rider from Madrid are there waiting for you. Talk to both if them.
You tell the rider to follow you.
Return to Sinzendorf. The rider follows.
When you are there, turn around and speak to the rider. He tells Sinzendorf that the Spanish king is not dead and he has not names d'Anjou as his successor.

Sinzendorf is not any longer interested in signing the treaty. Now the Archduke still has a chance. He renounces the audience.
The King arrives and permits de Faverolles to leave for Spain for a short period and see to that Elvira is safe.

While Charles Louis is in Spain, the Spanish king dies and in his testament he has named duke d'Anjou as his successor.
Charles-Louis returns to France.
At great festivities the duke d'Anjou is named King of Spain and Charles-Louis is to follow him to Spain as his support an counselor.
All is well that ends well.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Versailles II, The Testament,
from Cryo Interactive Entertainment. The pictures are taken from the game.
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