Mission 1




Talk to everyone whenever it is possible by pressing Space. Continue as long as you have something to talk about. Happenings are usually triggered first when they are talked about. Often you have to talk to a person more than once.
When you have picked up something always look at it in the inventory. Then you'll learn what it is called.
This list shows what to do, which person to talk to, where you can pick up things and where you can use them.
If you have to use special tricks it is explained in the last column.
Here everything is revealed at once. If you want one hint at the time click TIPS in the upper right corner.

To do/take

Where to find it

Where to use it

Tips & Tricks

The Ruins of Troy

Take a mat. In front of the shed. To get past the guard. Go up the stairs carrying the mat.
Enter the house. In the middle of the camp. To talk to Merope and Nathos. Press Space to open the door.
Pass. From Nathos. To leave the camp. Exit and take a little walk. Then enter again.
Leave the camp. Show the pass to the guard.
Talk to the blacksmith. Outside the camp. To meet Mikis. Go Forward. Then turn to the right. Go to the fire.
Talk to Mikis. At the fire. Then follow Mikis.
Find Miki's body. At the statue. You must hear Heridias commenting.
Go to Nathos house. To go to jail.
Talk to Koppeas. In the jail.
Take the basket. On a hook at the wall. To get to the hook. Stand with your back against the wall and press Space.
Cut the ropes. Round your hands. Stand with your back against the hook and press Space.
Stand under the hole in the roof. In the middle back. To climb the roof. Koppeas will help you.
Take the smaller stone. To the right on the roof. To throw at the guard. Stand above the guard and press Enter.
Go down and open the door. To let Koppeas out.
Put on the uniform. In Nathos house. Stand before the uniform and press Space to dress.
Leave the camp with Koppeas. At the guarded gate. Tell the guard that Nathos wants to see the prisoner.

The Temple of Aeolus

Walk into Hakeus's house. Go to the house and press Space to open the door.
Talk to Hakeus. In his house.
Drink the potion At the table. To follow Hakeus. Stand at the table and press Enter.
Take the diamond. At the table. To give to Aeolus for borrowing his ship. Stand at the table and press Enter.
Take petals. On the way to the temple. To offer the gods.
Offer the petals. In the circle in the inner room. To get statues. Get the petals. Stand at the ring and press Enter.
Take the statues. At the model in the outer room. To put at the table after the laser-beams. Take all statues.
Take the mosaics. At the right and left wall in the inner room. To place at the laser-beams. Pick six mosaics on each wall.
Put the mosaics. At the base of each laser-beam. To walk through the beams- Choose a mosaic marked with the name of a wind. Stand at the beam and press Enter.
Place the statue leading to the unknown. The table after the beams. To open the gate. Choose the right statue. Stand at the table and press Enter.
Place the statue leading to the gods. The table after the beams. To go away. Place the statue as before. Quickly run through the door before it closes.

End of Mission 1


The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Odyssey from Cryo Interactive Entertainment.
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.