Mission 2




Talk to everyone whenever it is possible by pressing Space. Continue as long as you have something to talk about. Happenings are usually triggered first when they are talked about. Often you have to talk to a person more than once.
When you have picked up something always look at it in the inventory. Then you'll learn what it is called.
This list shows what to do, which person to talk to, where you can pick up things and where you can use them.
If you have to use special tricks it is explained in the last column.
Here everything is revealed at once. If you want one hint at the time click TIPS in the upper right corner.

To do/take

Where to find it

Where to use it

Tips & Tricks

The Land of the Lotuseaters

Read the wall paintings. In the temple to the right . To get a recipe. Go to the top floor. First stand in front of the left, then the right painting and press Space.
Take Lotus seed. In the pond. To the drug. Stand at the water edge and press Space.
Take a philter. At the shed above the stairs to the sea. To the drug.
Take a kettle. At the shed above the stairs to the sea. To the drug. Take the kettle last.
Fetch water. At the sea. To the drug. Stand at the beach and press Enter to fill the kettle.
Go to the machine. In the shed at the other side of the first stone bridge at the left. Save the game before you cross the bridge.
Put the kettle down. On the fire to the left.
Put the philter down. At the big plate to the right of the fire. To clean the water. You must put the philter down first.
Put down the lotus seed. Below the philter. To the drug.
Lower the kettle. To boil the water. Stand just above the fire at the lever and press Space.
Raise the kettle. Remain at the same place and press Space when the kettle has turned red.
Pour the water on the seed. To make the brew. Stand between the fire and the plate and press Space.
The color of the brew should be lilac.
Take the brew. On the plate. First take the empty kettle. Stand at the plate and press Enter.
Drink the brew. Outside the shed. To be able to talk to the people. Exit the shed. Press Enter.
Sane the game.
Talk to a woman. Outside the shed near the sea. She'll tell you about the drug. Pass the bridge carefully and walk to the shed. She'll contact you.
Find Krisis. At the house with the blue stairs. To follow him. Save the game at the moment you see him.
Follow Krisis. To talk to him. Run as fast as you can and turn right at the nest corner. Continue over the bridge.
Talk to Krisis To go to the Forest of Oblivion.
Find Athena. In the wood. To get a shield. Follow the owl twice, then go forward.
Go to the Gorgon's palace. In the wood. To kill her. Retrace your steps. Follow the owl twice, then go to the right.
Put down your shield. Beside a big stone in the castle. Stand at the stone and press Enter.
Bang the shield. At the stone. To lure the Gorgon to the shield. Get your sword and press Enter to bang the shield.
Kill the Gorgon. Press Enter when she has looked at the shield.
Take the head. Wait until she falls then go and take the head.
Empty the well. Upstairs. To get out. Go upstairs and put the head on the right side of the balance.
Jump into the empty well. To meet Krisis. Go into the well.
Talk to Krisis. To get information about Odysseus.
Board the ship. At the beach. To leave.

The Island of the Cyclops

Go to Koppeas's house. At the other side of the island. To talk to him. Walk forward until you reach it.
Talk to Koppeas. In his house. To make him drink. Choose the topic Koppeas.
Save the game.
Kill Cyclop NR 1. On the mountain. Make the Gorgon turn him into stone. Mount the hill to the left of the house. Get the Gorgon's head. When the Cyclop looks at you press Enter.
Take a pointed log. To the left of the house. To use as an arrow. Save the game.
Go to the crossbow. On a mountain at the other end of the wood. To put the log down. Enter the wood. At the top of the screen you can see clearings through the trees. Go to the rightmost clearing.
Put down the log. On the crossbow. Stand close to the bow and press Enter.
Take the rope. To the left of the bow.
Put the rope. To load the bow. Hold the rope. Go to the bow and press Enter.
Shoot the Cyclop. When you see the Cyclop just behind the bow, press Enter.
Leave the Island. At the beach. Go to the beach (the light blue clearing). Board your ship.

The Palace of Tests

Go halfway through the room. The first room. To avoid the tridents. In one interval the trident at the third pillar is gone. Run to the second pillar and stop.
Open the door. The first room. To go to the nest room. Next interval run to the door and press Space.
Answer the statues question. At a picture on the floor. Walk onto a picture and you are told it's name. To proceed to next statue. The answer is Teseus. Walk onto the picture of Teseus and press Space.
Answer the questions of the other two statues. The answer of the second one is Hera and of the third Man.
Walk into the tent in the third room and talk to the man. Choose the first alternative in the dialog. Save the game before you enter.
Kill the person. In the tent. To get out. When the person transforms himself, quickly get the Gorgon's head and press Enter.
Leave the island. Board your ship.

End of Mission 2


The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Odyssey from Cryo Interactive Entertainment.
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.