Mission 4




Talk to everyone whenever it is possible by pressing Space. Continue as long as you have something to talk about. Happenings are usually triggered first when they are talked about. Often you have to talk to a person more than once.
When you have picked up something always look at it in the inventory. Then you'll learn what it is called.
This list shows what to do, which person to talk to, where you can pick up things and where you can use them.
If you have to use special tricks it is explained in the last column.
Here everything is revealed at once. If you want one hint at the time click TIPS in the upper right corner.

To do/take

Where to find it

Where to use it

Tips & Tricks

The judges of Hades

Give jewel. In the inventory. To give to Koppeas. Take the jewel and press Enter when Koppeas asks for money. Save the game.
Take the flute. At the ferry. To summon Charon. Go to Charon and give him your sword. He'll give you the flute. Take it.
Go to the Palace of Justice. To the left. Run or you will be killed by Cerberus.
Talk to the judges. In the big room. To be sentenced. It doesn't matter what you say. You will only visit the three places in different order.

The Elysian fields

Find your way around. You are in a labyrinth. Walk about and learn where you find people.
Take warm bread. At the oven. To give to some dead. When the girl puts a warm bread at the stone to the right, take it.
Give warm bread. Near the pond. To get some flour. Hurry to deliver the bread while it is warm. Else they don't want it.
Take flour. At the oven. To the offer. Go to the left stone at the oven and take the bag.
Take the filled goatskin. In the vineyard. To the offer. Go to the vat with red wine in the vineyard. Take the filled goatskin on the ground. Avoid being seen by the minions.
Whistle for Charon. At the river. To summon him. Find the river. Get the flute and press Enter.
Go to another place. If you have not been in Tartarus, go there. Else go to Asphodel.


Take honey, empty goatskin and an empty container. In a cave to the right of the path. To the offer. Look for Tantalus and talk to him. Then go to the fire and pick up the three objects.
Take a stone. On the road. To throw at the eagle.
Throw the stone. At Prometheus. To scare away the eagle. Stand in front of Prometheus. Get the stone and press Enter.
Take blood. From the wound. To the offer. Take the goatskin, stand close and press Enter.
Look for a well. At the other side of the cleft. To find water. Retrace your steps until you see a path to the other side.
Go forward until you see a well.
Take water. From the well. To the offer. Take the container you found beside Tantalus. Stand near the well. Press Enter when the girl turns her back to you.
Whistle for Charon. At the river. To leave. Return to the place where you came here. Get the flute and press Enter.
Go to another place. If you have not been in the Elysian fields, go there. Else go to Asphodel.


Place four ingredients. On the big flat stone near the river. To offer them. First put honey, then wine, water and flour in this order.
Place the blood. Place the blood when Heritias has finished praying.
Drive away the dead. To prevent them from taking the offer. Get your trident and press Enter when they come near.
Wait for Tiresias. At the stone. He is coming from the wood and transforms the offer into three crystals.
Take the crystals. At the stone. To put in the holes in the mountain.
Find the red marks. On the mountain. To learn how to place the crystals. Go to the mountain in the fond and climb its left side. Look a the reciprocal placement of the marks.
Place the crystals. In the holes on the mountain. To get a new crystal. Put the crystals in the holes corresponding to the places of the red marks.
Take the new crystal. At the red mark on top of the mountain. To leave Hades. Walk to the top of the mountain and get the crystal.

The Final Battle

Talk to Poseidon. In the water at the cliff. To start the combat. Save the game before talking to him.
Choose three different weapons in a certain order. Poseidon falls on one knee if you have the right weapon in the right place. Poseidon bangs his trident if you have the right weapon in the wrong place. The weapons are used one at the time. Look at Poseidon's behavior to decide the result.
This is a Mastermind game. You have five tries to get everything right.

When you have won the combat, you can look at the ending of the game Odyssey.

End of Mission 4


The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Odyssey from Cryo Interactive Entertainment.
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.