Mission 3




Talk to everyone whenever it is possible by pressing Space. Continue as long as you have something to talk about. Happenings are usually triggered first when they are talked about. Often you have to talk to a person more than once.
When you have picked up something always look at it in the inventory. Then you'll learn what it is called.
This list shows what to do, which person to talk to, where you can pick up things and where you can use them.
If you have to use special tricks it is explained in the last column.
Here everything is revealed at once. If you want one hint at the time click TIPS in the upper right corner.

To do/take

Where to find it

Where to use it

Tips & Tricks

The Laestrygonians

Talk to Boros. In his tent. To be taken to the palace. Stand at the entrance and press Space. Agree to his proposition.
Hide at the fence. On the mountain.
Go to the left in front of the big stone.
To avoid the guards. Stand in the right corner of the fence and press Space to hide.
Follow the guards. Wait until the guards have passed and returned. Then follow them at a distance.
Run towards the bridge. When the screen changes run towards the lower right corner of the screen. Stop at the bridge.
Enter the palace. Go to the entrance
Go to the sleeping guard. Take the left corridor.
Take a plank. In the rightmost corridor. To make a bridge. Carefully go down to the right.
Go to the niche. In the leftmost corridor. To find a hiding place. Take the leftmost corridor. The niche is just after the dripping.
Hide. Some time during this sequence. If you hear the guard hide in the niche.
Put the plank down. Over the hole after the niche. To cross. Go close to the hole and press Enter.
Cross the plank. If there is a guard at the other side, don't cross. Instead go hide in the niche.
Free the slave. The room behind the guard. To be taken to the king. Go into the corridor behind the sleeping guard. Talk to the slave and free him.
Talk to the kitchen slave. In the slave room To get information about Odysseus. Agree to rest.
Take the skull with the horns. To the left in the kitchen. To help you flee. Don't put it in the inventory.
Take the rope. To the right in the kitchen. To help you flee. Stand at the rope and press Enter to combine the rope and the skull.
Flee From the balcony at the left. Go to the rim of the balcony and press Enter.
Fetch your things. At the tent of Boros. Go to the tent. Stand at the clothes and press Space.
Climb into the guards room. In the rightmost house. To find the horn. Go to the ladder at the side of the house. Press Space to climb it.
Destroy the horn. On the floor. To be able to leave through the sound. Go to the horn and press Space.
Leave the Island. Climb down. Go to the bridge and board your boat.

The Island of Circe

Talk to Circe. In the room at the second floor. Go to the pigsty at the right of the big house. Climb three flights of stairs.
Drink the potion. At Circe. To meet your wife. Circe has fooled you and turns you into a pig.
Flee from Merope To avoid being killed. If Merope comes, run for your life down the stairs and out of the house.
Talk to Circe. To be able to save her. If you can't talk to her before Merope comes then return later.
Go to the laboratory. Upstairs. To follow Circe's instructions. You can't take the stairs. Go down and go to the big house. Take the stairs to the roof. Go clockwise until you find an open, lit, window. Jump into it.
Throw the bag down. On the rack. To remove the shelf. Stand near the rope and press Space.
Carry the cushion down. On the floor To protect the bottle from breaking. Descend the stairs and go to the rope. Press Enter.
Get the antidote. Hangs from the rack. To give to Circe. Go the roof way to the laboratory. Gnaw the rope of the rightmost bottle. It falls on the cushion.
Give the antidote to Circe. On the cushion, To save her. Take the bottle to Circe and press Enter. She drinks and turns you into a man again.
Get recipe, jewel and trident. From Circe. To make an offer in Hades. Talk to Circe and she will give you the three objects. Check your inventory.
Leave the island. Go and board your ship.

End of Mission 3


The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Odyssey from Cryo Interactive Entertainment.
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.