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First mission

Episode 1 - The ruins of Troy

Odysseus the king of Ithaka has been missing for ten years since the battles of Troy. Everybody thinks he is dead and wants his wife to choose a new husband. Penelope, however, thinks Odysseus is still alive and has asked his true friend Heritias to search for Odysseus.

Heritias who has been forced to leave Ithaka accused of a murder that in reality was an accident, has agreed to try. He thinks. That if he succeeds the people of Ithaka will let him return to the country.

Odysseus was last seen in Troy, so Heritias goes there first.
When the game starts he is standing at the port outside the ruins of Troy. Go to the shore. At the stairs some people are gathered. Go to them. The entrance is guarded. The guard will not let you pass. Talk to the fat person by pressing space.

To the left of the screen a figure is shown. You can choose the alternatives by pressing the up and down arrows. Beware that the chosen alternative is light blue. Then press space and you ask the question
When the discussion is over the figure disappears. Press space again to see if there is more to speak about.

They wont let you take the stairs so return to the shore.

A slave is coming. He goes to the small house, picks a mat and goes upstairs.

Go pick up a mat. (Stand close and press space.)

Now you are allowed to walk up the stairs,.
You'll automatically put the mat down when you're inside the fence.

Continue forward to the house.
Stand in front of the door and press space. The door opens and you an enter the house.
You'll be led to a room with two men, the man from Ithaka, Merope, and Nathos the commander of the camp. Talk to them both. No result.

Go out and take a turn round the house. Then enter the house again. Nathos is alone and receives you.
Talk to Nathos about everything. He gives you a pass so that you are free to exit and enter the camp. The pass is automatically put in the inventory. When you try to leave Nathos tells you to look for a man called Mikis. He knows a lot and can give you some advice.

Exit the house and go to the left. Go in the direction of the weak light.
A guard stops you. Show him the pass and he lets you through.

A woman stops you and wants you to follow her. Talk to her. She knows Mikis but doesn't know where he is. Take the opposite direction and then turn right. Go to the fire and you'll find Placeter the blacksmith. Ask him about Mikis and Mikis will turn up

Talk to Mikis.
He says he has met Odysseus and can take you to him. You agree to meet later at the statue of Apollo.
Follow Mikis when he goes.
After a couple of steps you are knocked unconscious. When you wake up you find Mikis lying dead. Now your one and only lead to Odysseus has vanished.

Go back to the house of Nathos and enter the room.
You'll find Nathos and a guard, who accuses you having killed Mikis. He says he recognizes the knife. They do not listen to your explanations and you are literally thrown into jail.

There is another prisoner, Koppeas. Talk to him. He says he can to you to a prophet, Hakeus, who might be able to help you.
First you have to free yourself. There is a basket hanging on a hook at the wall. Put yourself with your back against the basket and press space to lift the basket from the hook.

Don't move and press space again to cut the rope that is tied to your wrists.
You can't leave by the door bur there is a hole in the ceiling.

Stand directly under the hole and Koppeas will come and help you climb out to the roof.

Go to the small stone and take it.
Then put yourself directly over the guard.
Press Enter to throw the stone
The guard falls to the ground, and you jump down from the roof.

Go to the door and open it and Koppeas will come out.
Then go to Nathan's house once more.

In the inner room you'll find a uniform.

Press space and you'll put it on.
Leave the house through the guarded port.
Koppeas leads you to Hakeus house then he leaves.

To the previous pageTo the next pageThe story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Odyssey from Cryo Interactive Entertainment.
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.