Till Innehållsförteckning

First mission

Episode 2 - Aeolus' Temple

When Koppeas has shown you the way to Hakeus' house, he leaves you.

Continue up to Hakeus' house.

Open the door and enter.

Talk to Hakeus.
He tells you that Odysseus is alive but is gone astray and has to fight against different sorts of monsters. There are forces that want to prevent him from coming back to Ithaka. Hakeus makes a potion which will enable you to follow his dream journey.

Stand close to the table and press space to drink the potion. You follow his thoughts but during that time a man in a black cloak enters the room and kills Hakeus. Before Hakeus dies he puts a diamond on the table and tells you to go to the temple and use the diamond in a clever way. Take the diamond and press F2 to put it in your inventory.

Exit the house and go to the left part of the screen.
Follow the road. When you see a lot of petals on the road pick up a couple. Then take the stairs up to the temple.
Enter the inner room. Put your petals in the ring on the floor. (Press Enter.)

A Model with different statues comes down from the ceiling in the outer room. Go close to the model and take all the statues one at the time. Enter the inner room and go to the left wall.

Pick up the six mosaics. Each is marked with the name of a wind.

Go to the right wall and pick up the six mosaics there too,

Take the stairs up to the laser- beams.

Put yourself in front of the beams.

You must now place one of the wind-mosaics at the base of each laser-beam. Press F1 to get to the inventory.
Search the objects until you find a wind. Press space to choose it and then F1 again to leave the inventory. Press Enter and Heridias will place the wind correctly. Continue until all six winds are correctly placed.

Place yourself in front of the beams and press Space. You can now pass the beams. Go forward to the small table. Open the inventory and choose the statue that goes to the unknown.

Place the statue at the table and a door will open.
Don't try to leave yet, you'll only fall into the see.

Put the statue back inn inventory and choose the statue that leads to the Gods.

Place it on the table.

Now you must quickly exit the temple because the door is closing. (If you can't make it you must start again with both statues.)

Go toward the big statue. You will be lifted up into the air into a flying ship. You put the diamond into Aeolus's hand before you leave.

The ship takes you to the Land of the Lotuseaters.

Your first mission is completed.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.