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Mission 4

Episode 3 - Tartarus

Charon takes you to Tartarus. Continue uphill to the left.
Keep close to the stone wall and look to the right.
When you see a small figure in a cave walk up to him.
It is Tantalus.

Talk Tantalus. He says he can get you some of the ingredients. In return he wants some water.
Look around. At the fire are several objects, that you can pick up. A pot of honey, an empty goatskin and an empty container for water.

Exit the cave and continue uphill to the left.

At a mountainside you'll find a man pushing a stone up to the top. When he has succeeded, the stone rolls down and he has to do it all over again.
It is Sisyphus, talk to him. He offers to help you if you hold the stone while he is away.
If you really want to helm him save your game first.
Continue to the left and pick up a stone.

Soon you'll see Prometeus. An eagle is eating his intestines. Throw the stone at the eagle and scare him away.
Talk to Prometeus. To thank you he offers you some of his blood. Get the empty goatskin and press Return to take the blood.

Now only the water remains.
You must go to the other side of the gorge. Return and keep near the gorge until you find a way to cross it.
Walk a bit further and you'll see a well where fifty girls take turns in fetching water to fill a bottomless chest. .

Take the container you found beside Tantalus. (The one from the Elysian fields wont work.)
Wait until the girl turns her back then hurry to take som water by pressing Enter.
Check the inventory to see that the jug is filled with water.

Return to the river and summon Charon with your flute.

Ask him to take you to Asphodel.

To the previous pageTo the next pageThe story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Odyssey from Cryo Interactive Entertainment.
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.