Till Innehållsförteckning

Mission 4

Episode 4 - Asphodel

Go to the big flat stone and place your offerings in this order:

Honey, wine, water, flour.
Heritias will recite the incantation Circe told him.

After that put the blood on the stone.
A lot of dead persons have gathered round the stone and are trying to take the gifts. Get the trident and press Enter to stop them.
They go away and Tiresias comes from the wood.

Talk to him several times until he tells you, that Odysseus is still alive, staying at the Island of Calypso.
Then step aside.
Tiresias transforms the offerings to three different colored crystals.

Wait until Tiresias has left, then pick up all the crystals.

Go towards the big rock in the background and climb the left side of it.
At the top you see a red mark.

Go to the front edge of the rock. There are two more red marks.

Notice their reciprocal position.
Climb down. On the base of the cliff there are several round holes.
Place the crystals in the holes right under the red marks.

The hole in front of the rock will have to correspond with the one on top.
When you have placed all the three crystals they are activated and a silvery light is shining all over the cliff.

Climb to the top again.

Pick up the new crystal in the mark at the top.

To the previous pageTo the next pageThe story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Odyssey from Cryo Interactive Entertainment.
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.