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Act 1

1 - Melée Island

Elaines orders

When you come to the shore there is no Welcome Party. No people. Nothing.
The only one who greets you is Timmy, the monkey, who seems having something on his mind. But what?
Well, someone is tearing down the Gubernatorial Mansion. He insists that the governor is dead and the mansion is to be demolished.

Elaine tries to tell him she is very much alive but he won't listen and goes on throwing stones.

Elaine is very annoyed and is going to look into the matter.
She orders you to accomplish to matters.
Stop the demolition.
Go to Lucre Island to see her lawyers and claim her grandfathers heritage.

Elaine walks away to try to get un-dead. Regarding her bad temper you think it's better try to do what she wants to be done.

Stop the demolition

Talk to the Catapult Operator. You'll learn that he uses the cactus up at the house to calibrate his canon, but only if there is something wrong with it. This gives you an idea.
You could place something elastic around the cactus, something that catches the stone and throws it back. First you have to tinker with the catapult but the man won't let you near it. You must lure him away. Talk to him until he mentions that he is allowed to have snack pauses but he has no snacks. So you need to get some snacks and something elastic, Follow the path and exit the screen to the right. Cross the town and exit to the right.

On the next screen go to Scumm Bar and enter
In a corner at the back you see a drunken sailor. On his table there is a bowl of snacks. Try to take it. The man won't let you. Look at the balloon. If you could make it pop perhaps you could scare the old man to leave.

Talk to the dart players near the door. Talk to them until you can bet them that they can't hit the balloon. Fortunately they do. The man gets scared and passes out.
Go to the table. Look at the bowl of snacks and take it. Press P again to put it into your inventory. Exit the bar and go to the right of it to reach the map. Go to the harbor.

At the grog machine you'll find a popped inner tube. Look at it and then press P twice to pick it up and put it away.

Return to the map. This time choose to go to the Governor's Mansion.

Go to the cactus and put the tube over it.

Then go to the operator and offer him the snacks. He takes a break and goes away to eat them.

He will not be gone for long so you have to hurry,

Go to the catapult and tinker with it. The operator comes back and notices that there is something wrong with the aiming. He has to calibrate the canon. Hi aims towards the cactus and shoots the stone. The tube catches the stone and sends it back in its own direction.

The stone hits the catapult and throws it over the cliff where it explodes.
The Mansion is saved.
Elaine comes back. She is still dead and there is to be a new election.
While they are talking the new candidate, Mr. Charles L.Charles, appears.

He is determined to win the election. This doesn't suit Elaine. She decides to stay in Melée Town and fight Charles.
You have to go alone to Lucre Island, talk to the lawyers and reclaim the heritage.

Elaine hurries away and you realize you have a lot to do.

Get a ship and a crew

To go to Lucre Island you need a boat and a crew. At the Scumm Bar there is always someone you can talk to. Go there and talk to the bartender.
To get a ship you have to talk to the Harbor-mistress. (Stan who was there earlier has emigrated to Blood Island. You met him there in the last game, remember.)
Ask the bartender if he wants to come. He'd liked to but the boss says NO. The bartender advises you to ask the guests.

The Dart-players don't have time. They are going on a competition tour.

Talk to the man at the back table. He is I Cheese and turns out to be the owner of the bar.
Ask him if he wants to join your crew. At first he refuses. Keep on talking to him until you can talk about arm wrestling. Then ask again if he wants to join your crew. Now you can challenge him to an Insult Arm Wrestling.
It's the usual type of insults and answers. Keep on playing until you learn the answers. Have you played a Monkey Island game before you know how to do. When you win Cheese agrees to be your navigator.
Here are some correct answers if you get problems.

No more luck at the bar. Go to the Harbor and talk to the Harbor-Mistress. She is not very cooperative. Continue talking to her until she tells you to get something official to back your request.

Go back to town. Talk to the two persons standing there. They are old acquaintances from the first Monkey Island game. Carla the Sword Master. You got her T-shirt, remember. And Otis, you helped him to get out of prison. Then they became your first crew. It was not very lucky, though. Now they are not interested. They only want a "cushy" government job.

Carla and Otis tell you the same story that you have heard from other people here in town. An Australian is buying the whole town. He challenges people to fight him in insult-duels and here in Melée everyone believes himself to be invincible so they bet their houses and land and loses. This man has so many insult they never heard before and it is seems impossible to beat him. You haven't been able to learn his name.

Maybe Elaine can help you with your othr poblems. She might have something official left. Return to the Mansion and talk to Elaine about your troubles.

She gives you her Symbol of Authority.

There is a paper at the table.
Look at it. It is a job-contract. Maybe it can suit Otis and Carla. Give the contract to Elaine and she will sign it.
Go to town and give the contract to Otis and Carla. It does not suit them. It is a standard job and they want a "cushy" job.

Return to Elaine. Explore the room further. On a bureau at the back you can find another job contract. Look at it. It says "cushy". Give it to Elaine to sign.

Give the contract to Otis and Carla. Now they accept to be your crew.

Go to the harbor and give her the Symbol of Authority.
She accepts it and you can have your boat.
The crew joins you and you can all depart for Lucre Island.

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