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Act 1

2 - Lucre Island

Meet the lawyers

After going here and there you eventually get to Lucre Island.

Cross the open area and go to the house at top right of the screen.

Behind the house you can see the sign of the Law Office.

Go around the house and you'll see two men playing chess in front of some stairs.

Walk up the stairs and you'll see the Law Office.

Go to the door and enter.

Talk to the lawyers. They talk a lot.

Eventually they show you a letter from Elaine's grandfather.

Pick up the letter and look at it.
Elaine's grandfather has a deposit box at Lucre Bank. There he has put the Deed to the Mansion, a wedding gift for Elaine and a terrible secret "The Ultimate Insult."
Talk to the lawyers again and tell them about the deed. They tell you to get it and then return to them.
Next stop Lucre Bank.

The Bank Robbery

Enter the bank. It's the house to the left of the Law Office.
Talk to the girl, Brittany. Tell her you want to retrieve things from a deposit box.
When she sees the letter she asks you to show that you are representing Elaine. She accepts Elaine's medal as proof.
You are taken to the vault.

You have just started examining the box when you hear a strange conversation. The bankman seams to believe you are out there with him and tells you to return to the vault. In rushes a person disguised to look like you. He says he is Guybrysh Treepwood and points a pistol at you. You tell him he can't be you, because you are much better looking and don't smell as badly.

He gets angry and withdraws the mask for a moment and you notice his funny nose or rather his no-nose.

Then he grabs the box and runs out smashing the door locked.

You are trapped in the vault.

The thief dropped his badly smelling hanky. Pick it up. Also pick up the three sponges and the sword.

Go to the deposit box and look inside. Take the music box and the bottle of Grog, the pirates favorite drink.

Go to the vault door. Use the sword with the lower hinges. The hinges break but so does the sword. Use the broken sword with the crack.

Then use all the three sponges with the crack and pour the grog over it all.

The door breaks lose and you are free.
But not for long. You are arrested and put into jail. Everybody swears that it was you who robbed the bank. After a couple of hours you are set free but you are still under suspect and have to wear a voodoo foot link. You are not allowed to leave the Island.

Talk to Inspector Canard. To be free you must do three things.

1. You must find the real culprit.

2. You must return what was stolen.

3. You must bring the real culprit to justice.

Before you start the hunting go to the man kept behind bars and talk to him.

It's Otis and he is accused of stealing flowers. He won't be free before you.

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