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Act 1

4- Guybrush finds Grandpa Marley's Chest

Prove that Pete has been to the bank

You can't enter the bank through the door, you must find another way.
Go to the left of the house and look at the window. Look at the manhole.
Use your broken sword with the manhole. You can remove the cover but you lose your sword. Look at the cover. There is something written. You read three names. Remember them, they are different every game.

Go to the Palace of Prostheses and talk to Dave. Tell him you are looking for a present. Then choose the one that is free.
Dave tells you a story where you shall provide three names. Choose the names you read on the cover and you'll get a fake skin.

Return to the bank and use the skin with the hole.
Then use the whole thing as a springboard and jump up and into the window.

Enter the window and climb down the ladder.

To the right you can see a hanging rope.
Pull it to light the lamp.
Look at the poster. You can get a free scupperware.
Walk around and look for it.

On the table to the left you find a Scupperware. Take it.

Then climb the ladder again and walk to the left. There is a funny shadow at the wall. Look at it.

Automatically you find a false nose and realize it must belong to Pegnose Pete.
At that moment Inspector Canard enters and takes the nose as evidence.
The only thing you can do is to get out the same way you entered.

Find the stolen goods.

Go to the scary house and enter.
Look around. He has a lot of stuffed animals.
Talk to Ozzie but don't mention yet that you have seen him with Pete.
Finish the conversation. Then get the Cologne and use it on one of his stuffed animals.

Ozzie gets furious and breaks his stick. He says he has to get a new one and leaves the room. Follow him into town.

Go to Dave. Use the music box. Now Dave can't hear you but you have to be quick the music doesn't play for long.

Go to the basket with prostheses and take the red hand.
Get your music box and go to the Bait Shoppe.
Look at the termite circus and use the hand with the termites. They love red wood and immediately crawl onto it.

Go to the house of sticks. Mandrill's new stick is ready.
Use the termite infected hand with the stick. The termites crawls onto the stick and start to chew.

Ozzie comes to get his stick and now he leaves clear marks wherever he goes.

Return to Ozzie house and tell him you have seen him with Pete.
Also tell him you know where the loot is hidden.
Ozzie leaves to check.

Follow him. Thanks to the marks he leaves you can follow him through the wood to a small lake
He is gone for a while but than he returns and goes back to town. Evidently there is something behind that hill.
Go there and you'll find a passageway. Follow it.

You enter a room. You can see a table with a glowing button. Press the button. Press it. The curtain is drawn aside and a window is shown. Through it you can see the stolen goods and Grandpa Marley's chest. But you can't get to it from this room. You must try to enter it from the lake,

Return outside and jump into the deep water.
There is dark and you can't see anything but some glowing fishes swimming around.

In the inventory combine the scupperware with the free bait.
Then use the baited scupperware to catch a glowing fish.
You have got yourself a lamp.
To the left is the secret door to the cave. Enter it.

You reach the stolen goods.
Go and get it all.
When you have taken it all look carefully around.
You'll find a small screw. Pick it up.
Now walk all the long way back to Lucre Town.

Go to the jail and give the stolen gods to Canard.

Then give him the screw. Canard tries to fit the nose on Pete but he is screaming wildly. Canard has to hold him while Guybrush puts the nose in place.

The nose fits perfectly on Pete and the screw fits the nose.
Canard now thinks he can let Guybrush loose and offers to help him with the foot link.

During all this Pete breaks his chains, throws a bomb at the floor and vanishes.

Guybrush is free, goes to the harbour, gathers his crew and starts the winding journey back to Melée Island.

There he leaves his crew and returns to the Mansion and Elaine.

To the previous page To the next page The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Escape from Monkey Island from LukasArts Entertainment
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company