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Act 2

1 - Guybrush finds the Wedding Presents

The Poll

Elaine is very worried. The Poll figures are very low. Charles figures are much better.
While they are talking Charles comes bragging into the room.

Suddenly he reveals his true self.
None other than LeChuck is posing as Charles.

When he is gone Elaine tells Guybrush to visit the Voodoo lady in the House of Mojo and ask her about the wedding presents.

Three of the gifts

Go to the town and enter the Mojo-House.

Look at the big hand. Look at the fingers until you get the line "Pull finger" marked. Then press Enter.

The Voodoo-Lady appears. Talk to her about everything.
You must find the different pieces to make the talisman for the Ultimate Insult. The recipe has been destroyed, but Grandpa Marley has said that the wedding presents will show how to do it. The chest is full of junk but the Voodoo-Lady finds three of the presents. Big wooden earrings, a necklace and a pen. The forth present is missing but she tells you it is blue.
She also tells you the pieces to the talisman is to be found on another island, she can't say which one.

But she knows that the blue present is somewhere on Melée Island. To learn more you must find the lady who owns the jewels.
She can't tell you more. You must now search for the forth present. The only thing you know is that it is blue.
You have heard that Meathook, your old friend from the first game, nowadays works with colors. Maybe he can tell you something.
Go to the map and to Meathook's house.

The forth gift

Talk to Meathook.

If you like you can ask him to show his tattoo.
You learn that Grandpa Marley once ordered a painting over the Tri-Island area as a wedding present for Elaine. Unfortunately Grandpa left and never claimed the painting.

Meathook used it for a wax painting and sold it. He can't remember who bought it.
He also tells you the wax melts if it is exposed to an open fire.
Take a paintbrush from the bucket and leave. Go to the harbour and look at the Grog Machine. There is a quarter in the change return slot. Take it.

Use the quarter with the machine. No result.
Kick, push, shake and yell at it.
Now you get a lot of grog. Take one.

Go to the bar. It's name is now Lua Bar. Look around. There is a painting.
You realize it is one of Meathook's wax paintings. You can't take it.

The food is brought to the guests with boats at the small canal. Under the canal is a strange mechanism..

If you could melt the wax you could see what is behind it.
Talk to the waitress and order something cooked. Choose the Flaming Fish.
After a little while it comes in the canal. Save the game.
Let the boat pass. Just before it comes near the painting, use the paintbrush with the mechanism to make the boats stop.
The chef comes rushing from the kitchen.

Hurry into the kitchen and use the grog with the steam generator.
If you have stopped the boat at exactly the right moment, the wax will melt and reveal the blue painting.
(This is a tricky part and you probably have to do it many times . Notice where the boat is when you use the brush and where it stops. Then you can decide how far before the painting you shall act. )

A living figurehead

Look at the painting. The talisman consists of three parts. A Bronze Hat, a Silver Head and a Golden Body. The parts can be found on one of the Islands, but which one? On the other side is a map of the three islands but none of them is marked.
Now you must find the woman who owns the jewels. The earrings are huge, it must be a very large woman.

Go to your boat and use the earrings on the figurehead. It will come to live.
Talk to her. She is not very nice.
Give her the necklace and the pen. Then give her the painting.

The pen starts glowing. It passes over the picture and marks the Jambalaya Island.
The pieces ought to be found on Jambalaya.
Before you depart, Elaine comes and reclaims her Gubernatorial Symbol.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company