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Act 2

4 - Guybrush finds the Golden Man.

Get a diving certificate

The tourist with the mug hinted that the Golden Man was the prize at the diving contest.
Go to the man and then to the high Cliff.

You meet the champion Marco Pollo. Talk to him.
To be allowed to dive you must first get a certificate.
First enter the cabin and change into a swimsuit

Go and talk to the judges. You'll be examined but you get your certificate.
Go to Marco and challenge him.
Marco dives first. Only tens. Then it is your turn. Not a very good result.

Get better marks from the judges

Talk to the judges and try to learn what to do to get the highest marks,

The Hippie Judge tells you that there are four moves and every dive shall contain three of them. Every move corresponds to an arrow-key.

Keelhaul - Lift up your nose.
Rum Barrel - Press down your chin.
Spinning swordsman - Start to the right.
Alpha Monkey - Start with the left hand.

He also tells you to do exactly the same three moves as Marco did.

The old judge in the middle tells you not to splash. You must be more aerodynamic, more like a swordfish.

The judge to the left is bought by Ozzie. But there is something with him that reminds you of something. Look at the pamphlet again. The man at the picture is the judge with his blonde wife.
Talk to the judge again about everything. Now you learn that his wife is a redhead. Try a little blackmail. Show him the pamphlet and threaten to till his wife.

Win the Golden Man

Go down to Marco. He uses a special sort of baby seal oil before he dives. Get the leftovers from the bagel and use it with the oil. It attracts the seagulls.
Look at Marco. He has a pointed bathing cap. Maybe that is what the judge means with aerodynamic.
Now challenge Marco again. Note the three moves he makes. These are different every game.

Wear your pointed dunce hat and go forward. Just when you are airborne quickly press the three arrow-keys that correspond to Marco's moves.

Has he for example chosen : Keelhaul, Spinning Swordsman and Rum Barrel press up, right, down.

Now your dive ought to get the highest marks from all the judges.

Next time you begin the diving. Choose which three moves you like and press the corresponding arrows.
When Marco is diving he is attacked by the seagulls and fails totally.

Marco gets angry and starts yelling.
That doesn't help him and the trophy is yours.

Now you have all three parts to the talisman.

When you have all three parts you automatically return to Melée Island and the Mansion.
Now LeChuck has become governor and is his own self again. Mandrill is there too and together they take care of you and all you have found.
Instead of killing you they send you to Monkey Island.

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