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Act 2

3- Guybrush finds the Silver Head.

A hot hint from a tourist

Go to Planet Treepwood. Outside you find an old friend from the third game, Murray, the evil scull. Talk to him.

Enter the restaurant. Look around. Talk to the tourist.
He gives you a hint about the silver head. It looks exactly as the mug used at this restaurant.
Talk to the waitress. No chance to a meal if you can't pay.

Leave the restaurant and take the stairs at the top left of the screen to the map.

Get a meal coupon

Go to the big house. You'll meet another old acquaintance, Stan. Now he is dealing in Time-share. Take a pamphlet and read it. There is a picture of a man and a blonde woman. You don't know them.
Talk to Stan about his project. If you listen to him you can get a meal coupon.

It didn't work very well. You fell asleep. You must find something to keep you awake.
Go to Starbuccaneer's Café.
Look at the cup in the window. Enter and get the cup.
Go to the counter and ask for a refill. Don't drink the coffee, just take it.

Take the chance and try a free bagel.
Eat it. Not very good but put the leftover in your inventory.

Return to Stan.
Drink the coffee and listen to him.

Now you can keep awake and get your meal coupon.

Before you leave take the glue to the left of the door.


Return to Planet Treepwood.
Look at the menu, then talk to the waitress and order what you want to eat and drink.
The coupon is only valid for a drink, but the important thing is that you get the mug. Take it.

Not that easy. You have better try to replace it with a similar mug.
Maybe you can get one elsewhere.
Go to Starbuccaneer's.
Talk to the tourist. You'll get a hint where to find the Golden man.
Look in her bag. She has got a souvenir mug. Take it.

You need a new meal coupon.

Go to the Micro-Groggery and talk to Carla and the bartender.

You can have a coupon if you can ride the wild Manatee.

Test it. You didn't make it. You should glue yourself in the saddle.

Use the glue on the saddle. Then ask to ride again.

This time it is perfect and you get your meal coupon.
Return to Planet Treepwood and repeat everything you did last time. You'll get a new mug.
You realize you can't just replace them. You must make them more alike.
Talk to the pirate-artist walking around.
He makes a drawing of you with the mug in your hand.

Use the glue with the picture than the sticky picture with the souvenir mug.
Now both mugs look identical.
Replace the one with the other.
You have got your second piece to the talisman, the Silver Head.
Now only the Golden Man is missing. Better go on searching.

To the previous page To the next page The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Escape from Monkey Island from LukasArts Entertainment
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company