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Act 3

4 - Guybrush fights the Ultimate Battle.

The big tower

You come to a small island, where three towers are built.
On the tallest tower there is an amplifier which shall yell the Ultimate Insult to all inhabitants and force them to surrender.
You must get the monkey-robot up on the tallest tower and switch the power off.
Let the robot pick up the big plank.

Let him use the plank with the small tower, creating a spring board, then let him climb the tower.

Let him jump on the springboard onto the tallest tower.

Then let him pull the lever.

In the Mansion LeChuck and Ozzie have constructed the talisman and LeChuck has been out trying it but it doesn't work. He is furious.
Elaine tells them her Grandpa naturally haven't told them everything. Pete makes her tumble against the table.

The Governors Mansion

She drops her Gubernatorial Symbol and Ozzie gets hold of it. He puts it in the talisman and it is activated.
The first one to experience it is Pete. Immediately he is turned into a stammering nitwit.

Ozzie goes to the amplifier and sends the Ultimate Insult.
It flops, the amplifier has been turned off.
LeChuck finds he must do everything himself and rushes out to the giant statue he has ordered to be built.

At this moment Guybrush returns to the Mansion,
Ozzie is just going to use the talisman against him when the ground starts to shake,
Ozzie gets distracted and Guybrush and Elaine can escape. Ozzie follows them.

The Battle of the Giants

LeChuck has used Voodoo and entered the statue. He quickly picks up both Elaine and Ozzie one in each gigantic hand.

Ozzie uses the talisman on LeChuck and takes command. He tells LeChuck to kill Guybrush.
Guybrush has succeeded in climbing the monkey-robot and is steering it towards the statue.

The ultimate battle is about to begin.

You have no chance to win. If you use the same tactics as against Jojo the battle will continue in eternity. Your only chance is to effectuate a draw.
Do this three times and the statue starts to break down.
His hand slackens and Elaine can escape.

The battle is now between LeChuck and Ozzie. Nobody wins. Instead they eliminate each other and everything goes up in smoke.

Everybody comes out and rejoice.
Elaine and Guybrush persuade Grandpa Marley to be Governor again and let them go back to their sweet pirate life.

Jojo takes farewell and returns to Monkey Island with the robot and everything looks like a happy ending.

As usual it doesn't take long until Guybrush annoys Elaine and she leaves him.
At the same time Timmy pushes Guybrush from the cliff and if nobody helps him up, he probably has to stay there until next game.

To the previous page To the next page The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Escape from Monkey Island from LukasArts Entertainment
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company