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Act 3

3- Guybrush learns the Old Monkey Language.

Monkey Combat

It is a special game. There are five different stands named Anxious Ape (AA), Bobbing Baboon (BB), Charging Chimp (CC), Drunken Monkey (DM) and Gimpy Gibbon (GG). Every stand defeats two of the others.

The two combatants start with the same stand. Then one of them changes to a new stand. The point is then to choose a stand that defeats the opponent's. The one who wins the move takes a new stand and the whole thing continues until one has won the game.

To get from one stand to another you must use an insult consisting of three of the four words in the original monkey language, Ack, Eek, Chee and Oop.

Jojo shows you the different stands and gives you an example of one stand that defeats another and the insult that leads between those two stands.

These insults are different every new game.

When the two opponents have the same stand it's called a "Draw". By effecting a draw you might learn a new insult. You can effect a draw by using the same insult your opponent just gave.

If you say a word three times for instance Eek, Eek. Eek, you keep your stand.

By combating a lot of times you can learn the insults you need to defeat Jojo.

Make a table and write everything down. As long as you are in the same game the insults are the same.
The insults works in both directions so you only have to learn ten different.

Changing between stands
To /from

After every move you can, at the screen, see the two stands, which insult is used between them and which is the winning stand. The pictures are only examples.

Meet Jojo

When the Brawny Monkey is defeated Guybrush says he is ready to meat Jojo. If you have all the ten insults it is not difficult.

When you have won, he gives you his Bronze Hat.
Now you are ready to leave Monkey Island.
Remember Grandpa Marley told you to put the bronze hat on the big monkey.

The big monkey

Go to the map and then to the big monkey.

Look at the head and use the hat with the head.

Then get your banana picker and use it with the big monkey's nose.

The mouth opens. Enter.

You are in a big room. Look around. Look for a big slot. When you find it use your Gubernatorial Symbol with it.

Things happen.
The monkeys gather.
Grandpa and Jojo come and together you start the machine.

It is a giant monkey-robot and it starts walking all the way to Melée Island.

Time to confront the scoundrels.

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