Till Innehållsförteckning

Mission 2

Episode 1 - The Land of the Lotuseaters

The ship flies over the see. You see a man on an island waving to you.

Your ship lands on the island.

The man is Koppeas.

He tells you this is the island of the Cyclops.
Koppeas wants to leave with you, but first he wants you to follow him to his shed.

Go forward to the wood. Turn around to the left and walk forward all the way to the shore,
Save the game before you enter then you can try both alternatives you are given.
Enter and talk to Koppeas.

He has some liquor. Talk to him again.

You'll get two alternatives. If you choose to talk about yourself you will get drunk and be eaten by the Cyclop. (Try this alternative if you have saved the game and want a review of what has happened up to this time.)

If you choose to talk about Koppeas he starts to drink and get more and more drunk. At last he tells you that he was going to turn you over to the Cyclops to buy himself free, but regrets it and asks you to kill the Cyclops to save him.

Save the game again. You'll be offered two alternatives.
1. You can show him the Gorgon's head and turn him to stone.
2. You can give him the lotus seed and drug him.

Don't hesitate to try both alternatives.

Alternative 1.
Exit the shed. Turn left and climb the hill to the top. Get the Gorgon's head. When the Cyclop comes press Enter to show him the head. The Gorgon is dead but her gaze is still lethal and the Cyclop is turned to stone.

Alternative 2.
Take the bag to the right of Koppeas. Place the bag on the statue at the back wall.

Get the lotus seed and put them in the bag.

Take the statue and exit the door.

The rest is automatic. You put the statue on the ground. The Cyclop thinks the statue is a man, eats it and get drugged.

He starts to dance until he falls and dies.

When the Cyclop is dead talk to Koppeas. He tells you to follow him into the wood he can show you something with which you could destroy the remaining Cyclop.

Before you can follow him he is caught by the Cyclop and eaten.

Now you'll have to protect yourself.

To the left of the shed is a wooden thing with a pointed log in it. Go there and pick up the log.

Enter the wood between the Cyclop's legs.

It is rather tricky to walk with the log. You'll have to look out for stones and branches and avoid the Cyclop. At intervals he puts his hand down to catch you.

On the top of the screen you see som clearings where the light comes through. Try to go to the rightmost one.
You come to a hill where you can see a big crossbow.

Go and put your log on it as a big arrow.

Then look down to the left and take the rope.

Put the rope on the crossbow. The bow gets loaded.

When you see the Cyclop right behind it press enter. You'll shoot the arrow and kill the Cyclop.

Go to the wood and then exit it throw the clearing that looks light blue.

Continue forward to the shore and the boat.

You'll automatically board it and continue your journey.

To the previous pageTo the next pageThe story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Odyssey from Cryo Interactive Entertainment.
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.