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Mission 2

Episode 3 - The Palace of Tests

The ship flies to the Palace of tests and puts you down there.

The first one you meet is the God Poseidon, the father of the Cyclops that you have recently killed.
He'll let you do some tests. If you make it he will tell you what he knows about Odysseus.

Go to the bottom of the screen in the first room. A number of tridents are shot through the room at a constant interval. The interval is too short for you to cross the room.
Notice that one of the tridents is missing in some of the intervals but never the same. At the window there are five pillows with a flower on them.

In one of the intervals the trident before the third pillar from the right is missing.
The next interval the trident before the second pillar is missing,
Wait until you see that the trident at the third pillow is missing. Then run and stop at the second pillar. As soon as the tridents are drawn back run the rest of the way. At the door quickly press Space to open the door. When you do that the mechanism stops, and you can enter the next room.

On the floor are different pictures. Walk through the pictures and you are told what they represent.
Go to the first statue on the stairs. He is blocking the way , you can't pass him.

Talk to him. He tells you he is Minotaurus and asks you who killed him.

The answer is Teseus. Go to the picture of Teseus. When you hear the name, press Space. The statue of Minotaurus vanishes and you can go up to the second statue.

Its a statue of Hercules and he also asks you a question.

The answer to his question is Hera. Go to the picture of Hera, and press Enter when you hear it is the right picture.
Hercules vanishes and you can go to the last stature, the one of Prometeus.

The answer to his question is Man.
Find the right picture, press Space and you are free to walk all the way to the door into the third room.

Enter the tent. Who is there but Odysseus himself.

He does not want to go back to Ithaka and his wife. Life is much better here.

You declare that you will use force to bring him back.

The person in front of you transforms. You are looking at yourself, Heritias) as if in a mirror.

Quickly press F1, and get the Gorgon's head.
Press Enter to show it to the person.

He is turned into stone.

In the meantime Poseidon is talking to Merope and sending him to the Port of Lamos, n the Land of the Laestrygonians, to prepare a trap to catch you there.

Merope shall talk to the King, Antipates, a sworn enemy of Odysseus's and tell him that you. Heritias, is looking for Odysseus.

Antipates's hatred will do the rest.

To make, Heritias, go to Lamos, Poseidon tells you that Odysseus is held prisoner by the man-eating Laestrygonians.

Your flying ship brings you to Lamos.
You have accomplished your second mission.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.