Till Innehållsförteckning

Mission 3

Episode 1 - The Laestrygonians

You are in the Port of Lamos. When you go towards the town you are met by four men who wants to do buisness with you. Then they return to the village.
Continue forward and talk to the men one at the time.
Everyone offers help and everyone wants some sort of payment. Wait with yopur choice until you have heard them all.

The first one offers to take you to the palace. He wants your sword as payment.

The second want offers to tak you there by boat. He too wants your sword.

The third merchant stands near the slaves and the guards.
You can talk to him if you don't mention Odysseus. If you do the guards will hear you and arrest you.

Go to the entrance of the tent. Place yourself in the the corner and press Enter to make Boros apapear.

He suggests that you pretend to be a slave.
You undress and is taken to the guards mwho takes you up in a lift.

The slaves are taken away but you get away.
When you regain control you are standing on mountain. Now you have to gain entrance to the castle without the Laestrygonians seeing you and that is not easy.
Go forward and keep in front of the big stone to avoid beeing seen by the guard in the tower.

Continue forward until you come to a small fence. Place yourself in front of the right corner and press Space which makes you crouch and hide. You see two guards coming. Stay put until they have passed turned and returned. Then rise quickly and follow the guards carefully. Don't go too close.

When the view is changed don't follow the path but run downward to the green spot in the lower right corner of the screen.
Run past the palace guard towards a bridge.

Stop there, don't cross but turn around.

When you see the guard leaving, run to the port and enter the palace.

Follow the corridor to the left until you see a sleeping guard.

You cannot pass him you must take another way.

Go carefylly to the right in front of him. Then take the rightmost corridor in approximately the same direction that you came from.

Go to the buckets and the logs and take the grey plank.

Return to the sleeping guard and go left up to the wall. Follow the wall closely or you will take the wrong corridor.

Be careful and don't wake the guard.

Continue forward to the dripping sound. Just after you see the dripping there is a crack in the wall.
Save the game.
Continue forward to the hole.
If the guard sees you, go back and stand near the crack. He comes running but can't see you.

When the guard is gone turn and go back to the hole. Put the plank down and then carefully cross it.

(The guard can come at any time during this sequence.As soon as you hear him go to the crack.)

Go down towards the sleeping guard.
Take the left corridor and you'll come to the slaves.

Talk to one of them and free him.

He runs away and gets out but wakes the guard but wakes up the guard when he passes him.

You'll get arrested and is taken to the king Antipatos. Beside him is the merchant Boros, who evidently has lured you into a trap. You'll hear that Odysseus is no longer on this island. You also can see that it is Merope who has transformed himself into Boros. to be able to deceive you.

You're taken to the kitchen slaves. There you meat a man who has fought with Odysseus at Troy. He tells you that Odysseus has left the island and travelled along.

You are tired. Answer yes when you are asked if you want to rest.
The next morning you are taken to the kitchen.

Pick up the skull with the horns in to the right of the fire.
(There are several skulle, beware that you take the one with the horns.)
Go to the right and find the rope. Keep the skull in your hand and press Enter to combine the two objects.

Go to the left out on the balkony as far as you can and press Enter Enter,
Things happens. The skull fastens at the other side and you can use the rope to crawl over. There are guards at the bridge. but you dive gracefully into the water.

You now must go to Boros and reclaim your clothes and your sword.
Boros is outside his tent. He claims never to have seen you before and asks you to take your things and leave.
Take the clothes on the ground and you will dress yourself.

You don't have any money so you must try to get through sound without paying..
You know that a merchant always stands guard and blows a horn if a ship tries to leave without paying.
Go to the rightmost house and arond the corner. There is a ladder.

Stand close and predd Space and you will climb it
Talk to the guard and tell him you are going to take another way.

Then go to the horn and press Space to crush the horn.

Take the ladder down.
Then board your ship..

Your ship sails through the sound and gains the open sea.

In a vision you see your deceased wife wanting to see you at circe's island. Du ser en hägring av en vacker kvinna som lockar på dig.
Unresistably your ship is drawn there.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.