1 - The stolen Jewel, summer 1699

Part 3- Charles-Louis gets his first honorary and gives the Spanish ambassador Castel dos Rios a tour in the garden


The Garden

The next morning you are automatically taken to the Colonnade. Two men are talking. The man to the left is Building Inspector Mansard talking to the King's Gardener, Dupuis.
Listen to them. They don't agree with one another ad turn to you for an opinion.
You realize that you ought to choose the grove that Mansard has built, but which one is that. Look up both names in the encyclopedia and you'll get the answer, the Colonnade. Choose it and Mansard will comment that you are a bright young man and ask for your name.
Lhuilier tells him your name and adds, that since his own assistant has taken ill, he was thinking of employing you. Mansard agrees and tells you to come to the castle at three o'clock in the afternoon and take the Spanish Ambassador, Castel dos Rios, for a tour through the gardens.
Lhuilier gives you half of your salary for July, 80 livres.
(Had you answered Ballroom, you had still got employed but you would only have been given 40 livres.)

Mansart, Dupuis, Lhuilier and Castel dos Rios are all historical persons.
Mansard , to the left, had many enemies but proved his talents in building and created many of the groves and also some public and private buildings,
Dupuis, cousin to the great le Notre, conducted among other things the building of the Great Canal, 2.6 km long.
Marquis Castel dos Rios at the right was sent to Versailles by the Spanish King Charles II, as principal intermediary between Spain and France in the matter of the Spanish succession.

At three o'clock you arrive at the castle and are introduced to the Spanish Ambassador.
Mansart gives you some documents ad the key to the groves. They are usually open to the public but have been closed recently because there had been damage done.
Unfortunately, the fountains are not turned on yet, as the King has postponed his walk this afternoon.

Here you can follow the tour that de Faverolles and Castel dos Rios took.
In the Documentation you can read about the different groves and look at more pictures.

First they go to the balustrade and admire the view towards the Grand Canal.
The Spanish Ambassador has read a lot about the gardens of Versailles and he is even carrying a book about its statues in his pocket. But he still has some questions to ask.
He first asks about the name of the place they are looking at and gives you a choice of names.
You ca find the answer in the Encyclopedia under the heading "The Gardens in 1700". There you can see that the area before the Grand Canal is called the Green Carpet. One of your choices is Tapis Vert which means Green Carpet so you have better choose that answer.
His next question is about the direction. You'll find the answer under the heading "Terraces and Perspectives". The more than 21 km long view lies in the direction east-west.
The painting at the right is by Jean Cotelle from 1688.

At de Faverolles suggestion they then visit the Orangery,
The Ambassador is delighted to see so may trees that also grows in Spain.

From there they go to the Ballroom.
It has the form of an amphitheater with a big eighth-level waterfall occupying a forth of it.
It has got its name because music and dancing often take place here in the evenings.
Talk to the Ambassador. He asks you the name of the grove and you tell him.

After that they continue to the Colonnade.
The Ambassador has become very friendly and has been talking about many things. He tells you about the Spanish King fearing that his country will be divided between the interested parts, but that this plan has failed so far.

Next they visit the Encelade.
The Giant Encelade tried to climb Mount Olympus and dethrone Jupiter but was crushed beneath an avalanche of rocks. In his anger he is spitting out a jet of water, 25 metres long. You can see it at the picture to the left.
Talk to Castel dos Rios. He mentions the giant but says that he has no part in the legend about Apollo the god that Louis XIV, the Sun King, wants to identify himself with. You can read about this under the heading "The Solar Myth", where you also get some hints regarding his next questions.

Turn around and take a step forward. Then turn left.
A lady is sitting on a bench in an alcove.
Take a step towards her. When you come nearer she leaves the alcove and dos Rios takes her place. Talk to him.
He asks you which sculptures are related to the legend of Apollo. You ask him to be allowed to look in his book to make it easier for you to answer his questions.

He shows you the pictures one at the time and you have to tell if it shows Apollo or not.
You can also find the answers under the heading "Masterpieces". There you can read about the four most precious statues and that three of them are related to Apollo.
Answer "Yes" to the first Question, The statue is called The Chariot of Apollo.
The next statue is showing Pluto abducting Proserpine. It is not about Apollo so the answer is "No".

The next statue is showing Apollo and his mother Latone. Answer "Yes" to the question,
Also answer "Yes" to the forth and last question. The statue shows Apollo and some nymphs.
The Ambassador is satisfied with your answers and continues the promenade.

Next grove to visit is Marais.
Talk to the Ambassador. He says it is the grove with Arbre de Fer, the Iron Tree. In the pond is an oak made of iron but painted in natural colors and with water spurting from the branches.
To the left part of a paining of Jean Cotelle 1688.

Turn around and take a step forward. Then turn around again and talk to the Ambassador,
He wants to know the number of the groves.
The answer can be find under the heading "The Gardens in 1700".
The right answer is 14.

The Ambassador is content and as the King soon is starting his walk you both return to the castle.
Before you go the Ambassador tells you that he has guessed that your beloved is Elvira, the daughter of a friend of his, Since you are wishing to go to Spain, he promises to arrange a passport for you.

(If you have replied incorrectly, to the greater part of the questions, the game is terminated and your mission has failed.)

The Ambassador leaves when he sees some persons coming out from the castle.
The King is among them and so is his next but oldest grandson the Count d'Anjou, aged 17.
On the other hand the Dauphin, heir to the throne, and his oldest son the Duke of Bourgogne are missing.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Versailles II, The Testament,
from Cryo Interactive Entertainment. The pictures are taken from the game.
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