1 - The stolen Jewel, summer 1699

Part 4- Charles-Louis wins the diamon d back
and becomes assistant building ispector


Grand Commun

Charles-Louis is returned to the Grand Commun.
He has promised to visit Lhuilier who lives in the great building but he does not dare to meet him without the diamond.
Now when he has got some money he must try to win the jewel back.

Enter the inn. The player is till at the table. Talk to him and he agrees to play with you.
This time you have better luck. It takes only a couple of rounds until you wins the diamond back and some more money as well.
Go to the innkeeper and show him your bourse to pay what you owe him.
Then exit the inn.

Now you can visit Lhuilier with a clear conscience. Take the stairs and enter the big house.
But what is this? There is a guard at the entrance and he won't let you pass.

Turn and go to the stairs leading upwards. There is another guard barring your way.
The only place you can reach is the kitchen. Enter it. Talk to the cook's assistant, He tells you that Lhuilier has been arrested and not allowed to leave his room. At the same time the boy tells you that Lhuilier's diner is ready, but no one has taken it to him yet.

Maybe you can bring him his dinner. But then you must disguise yourself.
Go to the other side of the room. Take the apron from the table. Then click at Charles-Louis in the inventory and don the apron.

Turn right and take the tray from the big table.
Return to the guard at the stairs. Talk to him and he will let you pass.
There is a guard outside Lhuilier's room too. Talk to him and he'll let you enter the room.

Put the tray at the table. Lhuilier addresses you and asks if you have the diamond.
Answer "Yes".
(If you haven't won the diamond back it is Game Over.)
Lhuilier begs you to find Monseigneur le Dauphin, the heir of the throne, and return the diamond to him or to one of his sons.

Exit the room and go to the next door. You will meet with the kitchen boy. Talk to him. He tells you that Monseigneur and two of his son are in Meudon and that only duke d'Anjou is staying in Versailles.
Exit and take the stairs towards the back of the screen. Take a step forward and you get the map.

You must find duke d'Anjou. You saw him earlier walking with the king and he must be in one of the groves. Go to one of the grooves for instance the Ballroom.
Talk to the guard and he'll tell you that the King is at the Encelade. Turn around and walk forward until you get the map.

This time choose the Encelade.
When you get there you see marquis Castel dos Rios talking to the Austrian ambassador, Sinzendorf.
Talk to Castel dos Rios.
He tells you that duke d'Anjou is with the King.

Turn left and walk towards the King. You are stopped by an inflexible guard.
It is impossible to get near the duke.
Turn left again. Two men are talking in the alcove.
Go to them.

The man to the right is duke d'Arceuil who you saw earlier at the stables.
Talk to him. He gives you the advice to let Castel dos Rios take the diamond to the duke d'Anjou. It seems to be a good advice. Go to the Spanish ambassador and give him the diamond.

This ends the first act and you are told about the ending of the story of the stolen jewel.
Lhuilier who since long has been with the Dauphin in Meudon has recently been transferred to Versailles as assistant to Mansart. Once the temptation was too great and he stole a buckle with three big diamonds, One he gave to his mistress but when he tried to sell the others they were recognized by one of the King's goldsmiths and Lhuilier was arrested. The King wanted the thief to be hanged but the Dauphin managed to arrange that he be banished instead.
His employment as assistant building inspector and his lodgings at Grand Commun were given to de Faverolles by Mansart.
But the only thing Charles-Louis wanted was going to Spain as a diplomat and win his beloved Elvira.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Versailles II, The Testament,
from Cryo Interactive Entertainment. The pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.