2 - The Water Quest

Part 1 - Charles-Louis plants trees, sorts papers
and helps Bandols to start up a fountain


The War Room

Charles-Louis is coming through the Hall of Mirrors and enters the War Room.
Turn left and walk towards the two men.
It is Marquis de Torcy to the left and Marquis de Dangeau to the right. Listen to them. Dangeau is asking about the partition of the Spanish inheritance but de Torcy answers very vague.

Turn right and walk towards the window.
Duke d'Arcueil is waving to you.
He is talking with a scientist from Provence, M. Bandols.
The Duke tells you he knows about your wish to become a diplomat and thinks he can help you as he is a close friend of de Torcy's. But he wants a favour in return. He wants you to tell Bandols about the function of the fountains of Versailles.
As you know very little about fountains you have to find someone to help you.
Go towards the door until you get the map.

The Gardens

Choose the Colonnade, it is the only place where you can go.
Turn left and talk to the man working with the fountain.
He admits being a hydraulic engineer but is too busy to help you. You must try to find someone else.

Exit the gate to get the map. This time you have more places to visit.
Choose the Encelade.
Talk to the man raking the ground.
He believes that the Gardener Dupuis might be able to help you. He tells you to look for Dupuis at Marais.

Exit through the gate and choose Marais at the map.
You find Dupuis there but he is busy instructing his workers how to plant some precious trees.
He doesn't seem to listen to you.

Suddenly you are interrupted by a guard telling Dupuis one of the workers has been hurt and asking him to come at once.
Dupuis have evidently listened to you because he promises to get you the papers if you take over his works supervising the planting. Remember the order he says. It has to be Lemon, Orange, Pomegranate.
You get a picture of the whole garden, and you can see a lot of ill-defined shrubs where to plant the trees. You know the order but not if it is to be clockwise or anti clockwise. One tree of each sort is already planted. On the upper longer side you can see a lemon-tree already planted. If you try the order Lemon, Orange, Pomegranate clockwise (to the right),  you can see that the planted orange-tree fits in. If you on the other hand try the order anti clockwise you can see that the pomegranate-tree doesn't fit in. The direction clearly is clockwise.

Now you have only to pick up a tree at the time from the supply at the bottom. To begin with there are 9 trees of each sort. Lemon to the left, Orange to the right and Pomegranate in the middle.
Pick up an Orange-tree by clicking at it and then click at the ill-defined shrub to the right of the Lemon-tree to plant it. Then continue with a Pomegranate-tree in the next shrub.

Take the rest of the trees in the given order. Check every time you come to an already planted tree that in fits in the order. It is very easy to miss a shrub now and then.
The very last tree shall be a Pomegranate.
You can't leave the game until the planting is correct.

When the last tree is planted Dupuis returns. He is satisfied with your work and promises to leave the documents at your lodgings in the Grand Commun.

Grand Commun

You are automatically taken back outside your room in the Grand Commun. You have got Lhuilier's old room. Turn left and enter it.
At the table you can see a folder with a letter on top.
Pick it up.

Put it on the magnifying glass to the left in inventory to be able to read it. It is in French. Click once again if you want to have it translated.
Dupuis asks you to put the documents in correct order before reading them.
Click again at the letter to put it away. Then click at the folder on the table.
It opens and contains nine documents to the left and three empty folders to the right.

Pick up all the documents one at the time and place them on the magnifying glass to look at them. Then put them in the boxes at the bottom of the screen. When you point at a document you can see the title. But which is the correct order in which to sort them.
Click at the small house at the top left of the screen to get to the Encyclopaedia. There, click at the second small picture from the left in the top row. Then click at Water and fountains in the left column and look at the right column. There the subjects come in the right order. What is related to the fountains is The search for water, The Supply, Distribution, Turning on. Four subjects but only three folders. Put the documents for Search and supply in the upper folder, those for Distribution in the middle folder and those for Turning on in the lower folder. Read the articles about each subject and you'll find words and pictures related to the documents.

In The search for water you can read about the aqueducts and Eure. Pick up the document Eure Aqueducts and put it in the uppermost folder. In The supply you can read about water mills and Marley's machine. The external network also belongs to this group.
Pick up Plan of water mill, Marley's machine and External network and place them in the uppermost folder which now is full.
The next map concerns Distribution. That must be the internal network . In the article you can read about the pipes and you'll find the picture of gravity so pick up the documents Internal network, Gravitation and Pipe distribution and put them on the middle folder.
The two remaining documents Nozzle and jets and Ajutage apples are to be put in the lowest folder.

When you have correctly sorted all the documents the puzzle is taken away.
Turn around and exit the room.
Then open the door to the corridor.
Outside you'll find Blondel.
He tells you that it is important that he himself can try to turn on a fountain and you agree to meet him in the Colonnade at 10 the next morning.

Exit the room and go through the door into the corridor. Take one step forward, turn right and talk to the kitchen boy Perdrix. He wants to be your valet.
Go forward into the corridor to his right. Open the door and take the stairs to the right until you get the map.
Choose the Colonnade, go forward and talk to Bandols. He wants some equipment.

Turn around and walk toward the man at the fountain. It is Tiquet. When you tell him that you work for Mansart he gives you a lyre-key and a whistle. When you turn to go he also gives you a Pall-Mall mallet he has found lying around.
Return to Bandols and give him the whistle. He tells you to go outside the gate to the pipe. He instructs you to turn the key clockwise when he whistles once, and anti clockwise when he whistles twice.

When you go through the gate your screen shows the picture to the right. The lyre-key is in the lower left corner. If you click at one of the handles you turn it clockwise. If you click at the opposite handle you turn it anti clockwise.
When Bandols whistles the sequence is shown at the bottom of the screen by dots (one whistle - clockwise) and dashed dots (two whistles - anti clockwise),
Memorize it, it is not shown very long.
Then you have to turn the lyre-key as shown by the sequence. .
The sequence at the picture to the left tells you to turn three times clockwise, then one turn anti clockwise and then clockwise again. The tips of the handles are alike, you must remember each time which end turns one way and which turns the other way.

Just before you are going to do the last turning you are interrupted by Dupuis who is very angry. Talk to him. He scolds you and threatens to tell Mansart. He is appeased when you tell him Bandols is a well known scientist who has invented perpetual motion and that duke d'Arcueil wants to keep it secret from Mansart. You return the documents.
Turn and talk to Bandols, He is very pleased. You tell him you must try to find the person who owns the mallet.
Turn again and exit the gate to get the map.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Versailles II, The Testament,
from Cryo Interactive Entertainment. The pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.