2 - The Water Quest

Part 4 - Charles-Louis deciphers a coded letter
and caparisons a horse


Queen's Staircase

Choose the Queen's Staircase and pass duke d'Arcueil and go to the landing.
The duke will follow and introduce you to marquis de Torcy. Then he will leave.
Talk to de Torcy. He has received a coded letter and to test you, he wants you to decode it.

It consists of five number series.
Check how to get to a number from the previous one and try to find a pattern. Use that pattern to find the missing number.
In the first series, 1 - 4 - 6 - 9 - 11 - 14 you can see that 3 and 2 are added in turn. Between 11 and 14, 3 is added. Next time 2 is to be added to 14 and you get the final number 16. Click once at the 0 in the left box to get a 1. Then click 6 times in the right box to get a 6. Click at the check mark after the right box to get the decoded text.
The second series is 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 8 - 13.
From the third number you get a number by adding the two previous numbers. 1+2=3, 2+3=5 and so on. You get the missing number by adding 13 to 8. The answer is 21. Click the boxes to get 21 and then click the check mark.
In the third series 3 - 4 - 6 - 9 - 13 - 18 the difference between two consecutive numbers is increasing by 1. From 13 to 18 you add 5. To get that next number you must add 6 to 18. The answer to click in the boxes is 24.

The forth series follows the same principle, the difference increases with 1 each time. 15 is added with 6 to get 21, you have to add 7 to 21 to get the missing number 28.
The fifth series is a bit more difficult. Here you add and subtract alternately. First time you add 5, then subtract 4, next you add 10 then subtract 8, last time you add 15. The additions increase with 5 and the subtractions with 4. Next move must be to subtract 12. 19-12=7. The last missing number is 7. Click 7 times in he right box and finally click the check mark to end the puzzle.

The letter is sent from Madrid and signed with a P. This person is coming to Versailles on the 26 this month to learn the text in the treaty signed by the king.
The Marquis is very pleased with you but who might this P. be. You guess without difficulty that it must be the countess de Perlitz. She must be prevented from coming to Versailles. She is at the time in Bondy and de Torcy is going to send a horseman there with an imprisonment order.
You ask to be allowed to do it and the Torcy sends you to the stables to ask Boisseuilh for his best horse and directions to the stage posts. The imprisonment order will be sent there too.
Walk down the staios until you get the map.

Choose Grandes Ecuries.
As soon as you get to the area Boisseuilh is addressing you. When you tell him about your orders he replies that everybody is in your service.

You must learn which horse is the fastest.
Turn round and talk to Golipeau.
He tells you the horse nearest the wagon is the fastest.
Maybe you should ask someone more.
A bit further away you see a man talking to a page. Go towards them.

Talk to the page.
Ha says the racer with the white muzzle is the fastest.

Walk towards the stable door.

Turn right and talk to the man reading a parchment.
He tells you that the English racer with the short hair is the fastest.
Then he tells you that he will prepare your stages.
Now you must fetch the imprisonment order from Boisseuilh.
Go to the entrance door.

Talk to Boisseuilh.
He'll give you a sealed letter. Check in your inventory that you have got it.
Return to the horses.
You can't see a white muzzle and the hair seems to be equally short. Maybe the nearest horse has a bit shorter tail. It is the horse nearest the wagon that Golipeau talked about so click at that horse to choose it.

You get a close-up of the horse and the tools to use. The tools are marked A to I.
You must use them in the right order and at the right place on the horse. When you can use a tool, on a certain spot on the horse, it is activated.

At the pictures you can see in which order and at what place you must use the different tools.

When you have done it all, click at the ring at the wall where the horse is tied to end the puzzle. It might take a while before the cut scene (or Game Over if you have failed) is shown.

Late at night Charles-Louis returns to de Torcy to tell him the order was delivered. He takes you to the king and introduces you. The king is very pleased and says he will give him instance of his satisfaction.
After this the chapter ends.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Versailles II, The Testament,
from Cryo Interactive Entertainment. The pictures are taken from the game.
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