3 - The Exposure

Part 3 - Charles-Louis catches a spy
and is back in grace again


Grandes Ecuries

Turn to the left and go towards the stables.
Enter and talk to the rider.
He thinks that the Dutchmen are behind the missing letters. One of them came to the rider and asked him about duke d'Arcueil but the rider thinks that the man was after the letters the rider was carrying.

You are interrupted by the arrival of duke d'Arcueil, The rider tells you to find a way for him to get away from the duke and he will tell you the rest.
The duke asks you why you're not out searching for evidence and you, in your turn, ask why he is not at Marly.
Exit through the door and turn right.
Look up at the roof.
A sack of hay is hanging in a rope fastened to the wall.

Click at the rope to untie it.
The sack falls down and there is a riot.

The horses are worried and the rider comes out to calm them.
Now you can talk to him.
He suspects the duke is involved but he has no proofs.
But he has seen the Dutchman in Grand Commun.
Exit the area to get the map. Choose Grand Commun.

Grand Commun

He might be at the inn. Cross the open place and enter the Pelican inn. Perdrix is there and promises to be at your side.

Turn around and you'll see that Vernhole, Madame's valet, is there to get the evidence.
Give him the Spanish passport. He leaves but says he'll be back in twenty minutes.
Talk to the innkeeper. He has seen no Dutchman, but there is an Englishman staying at the inn. He is so busy writing that he scarcely notices when bear is being brought to him.
While you are talking a stone is thrown through the window.

The stone is lying just behind Perdrix. Pick it up.
Talk to Perdrix. You tell him to go upstairs an see what the Englishman is doing and try to get hold of some papers. Perdrix tells you he can't without a reason.
Walk towards the fire, turn and pick up the dinner-tray from the table.

Give the tray to Perdrix.

He takes it and goes upstairs.

Turn around and you'll see that Vernhole has returned. Talk to him. He returns your passport with a letter from Madame de Maintenon. Read the letter in inventory. She is convinced about your innocence but tells you that you need three more passports to be able to enter Spain. One English, one French and one from the Empire. She promises to get you the French one.

Perdrix is back. You are going to try to get an English passport from the Englishman upstairs but you need something that can distract him.
Give the stone to Perdrix and you ask him to throw it at the Englishman's window.
Go upstairs and take the corridor left.
Turn left again towards your old room.

Knock at the door. When you pretend to be fetching the tray you are allowed to enter.
Perdrix is throwing the stone and the Englishman is distracted and looks out of the window.

Turn quickly left and pick up the code book from the table.
When the man is distracted again, pick up the passport.

When he turns to the window a third time, pick up the documents.
Now he gets suspicious and finds out you have stolen his things.
He draws his sword and tells you to defend yourself.

The guard outside is alerted and tells you not to draw your sword, it is absolutely forbidden.
Don't draw your sword, just wait.
The Englishman rushes out, jumps over the balcony and vanishes.

Till föregående sidaTill nästa sida.

The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Versailles II, The Testament,
from Cryo Interactive Entertainment. The pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.