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Act - 1

3 - Chasing the bank robber

Who is he?

The only thing you know is that he has a funny nose or rather a no-nose and that he smelled badly. The inspector mentioned the name Pegnose-Pete but he also said the robbery didn't seem to be his kind of work. One thing, though, you have his hanky.

Enter the house to the left of the bank. It is The Palace Of Prostheses. Go to the counter and talk to the blind man Dave.

Ask if he knows someone without a nose. He knows plenty. Having no nose evidently is very common among pirates. He also says he can recognize a person from the smell of him. Show him the hanky.

He tells you he has got a cold and that you have to strengthen the different smells on the hanky before he can tell you who owns it.

Exit the shop and use the hanky several times. Each time you get a new smell. Continue until you have them all.

Hickory smoked fish.
Flowers growing in a cesspool.
Fish snot.
Corpse floating in a bog.
Somebody wiped his armpits on it.
A nice smell.
You must try to find these smells concentrated and combine them to make Dave recognize them. Then he might tell you who the thief is.
Go to the shop area.

Talk to the perfume dealer. He says he saw you running along towards the swamp carrying a lot of loot.
Take a bottle of Cologne from the table
Then pick up one of the empty spritzer bottles laying on the ground.

Go to the House of Sticks. As soon as you have entered an angry man comes into the shop. It's Mr. Mandrill. You saw him earlier at the bank. From what the dealer says you can tell he is none of his favorite customers.

Talk to Freddie. He things the thief is Pegnose Pete. You learn that a duck has chewed Pete's nose away.
Look around in the shop. There are some wood shavings on the floor. Pick it up. Then leave the shop.

Return to the lawyers office. To the left of it a portal leads out of town.
Go to the portal and you'll come to the map.
Go to the scary house at the left.

In front of the fountain there is a blower. Pick it.
Open the inventory and turn it to the empty spritzer bottle. Press U and turn to the wood shavings. Press U to combine the two items.
Then turn to the bottle again and combine it with he flower.

Return to the map and go to Lucre Town.
Enter the Bait Shoppe. Talk to the owner.
Go to the bait tank and take a free bait. Then use your spritzer bottle to get some water from the fish tank.

Leave the shop and go to the map. This time go to the swamp.
Go to the water and use your homemade perfume with the pod water.

Now your perfume is ready. It smells just like the hanky.

Return to town. Go to Dave and use the perfume on him.
Now the smell is strong and he can recognize it.

He gives you a name. It is a first name, a middle name initial and a last name. Remember the three initials. They differ each game. This time it was E, G and F.

Where does he live?

Dave doesn't know how the File retrieval System functions but he tells you to try to find out.
Click the sentence "Twiddle with File Retrieval System Controls".
There are three wheels with five symbols each. Probably the symbols relate to special letters just as the numbers on telephones.
Try some of the symbols to see which letters you get. An easy way is to use the same symbol on each wheel. You move between the wheels and the button with left and right arrows and turn the wheels or press the button with Enter.
Each time you press the red button you get a document. Look at the name. Now you know some letters for that symbol. After some trial you surely know how their relationship. It's like this:

Bunny - A-B-C-D
Tree - E-F-G-H
Pumpkin - I-J-K-L-M
Monkey - N-O-P-Q-R-S
Banana - T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z

The name this time had the initials E-G-F.
It gives the combination three trees.
Have you done it correctly you shall have a document with the name Dave gave you. If you get another name, you have chosen the wrong symbols, or the perfume is not the right one.
If you automatically take the paper, it is the right one.

You'll get the document on the screen and can check that it is correct.
There are some directions but they are combined with times. You need a clock.
Enter the door opposite the law office and you'll se two pirates playing chess. They have a clock.
Try to take it. They won't let you. Talk to the portly player. Ask if you can play. The skinny player then tells you that the portly one can't concentrate on the game if you talk about food.
Tell the portly player you think his partner is very concentrated. You then learn about his weakness for Brittany, the girl at the bank.
Now choose one of the sentences about food. Keep on doing this until the portly player makes a false move. Then go to the skinny player and talk to him about Brittany until he makes a false move.
Now they start arguing and don't mind your taking the clock.

Remember what Freddie told you about Pete and the duck. There is a duck outside the Bait Shoppe. Go and get it.
Also go to the jail and pick up some chicken grease.
Now go to the swamp and start looking for Pegnose Pete.

Use the raft. Then use the clock with the raft and you get a certain time.
As soon as the time changes, change to the related direction. Go on like this until you come to a locked gate. It is a strange gate. You'll meet a "future version" of yourself.
He asks you to guess which number he is thinking about. Remember the number. It is different every game.

He gives you a key and some other items. Remember the order in which you get them.
Open the gate with the key and go through it. Continue using the raft and the clock the same way as before until you are back at this same gate. You meet yourself again but now you are the "future version".
For the guessing game you must choose the same number he did last time . Then you must give him the items in exactly the same order as you received them earlier.
If you do something wrong you must start it all over again.

If everything is correct you continue with the raft and the clock as before until you come to a house.
You can hear some sounds from inside. Go to the window and listen. You recognize the voices. It is Pete and Ozzie. Ozzie is out to get "The Ultimate Insult" and has hired Pete to steal the heritage. It's now hidden in his secret cave.

Ozzie leaves but Pete remains inside.

Get the chicken grease and use it on the door mat.
Go to the window and throw the duck into the house.
Pete rushes out screaming but slips on the doormat and falls into his own trap.

In the next scene he is at the police station.
You hope to be freed but Canard won't let you go.
This was only one of the three things you have to do.
You have found a culprit but you must show he has been in the bank and you must also recover the stolen goods.

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The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company