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Act 2

2 - Guybrush finds the Bronze Hat.

The Statue of Tiny Lafeet

Take the stairs to the town center. There are three restaurants, Planet Treepwood, Micro Groggery and Starbuccaneer's Cafe.
The stairs at the top left lead to the map

At the center there is a big statue of a person named Tiny LaFeet.
Look at the statue and the plaque. Then talk to the tourist about everything.
When you show him the painting he says that he thinks the statue's missing hat is the one you are looking for.

Ask him what he is doing. He tells you Tiny LaFeet's son lives at Knuttin Atoll

A weak grog

Before you go there, enter the Micro Groggery and talk to the bartender. Ask for a grog. He'll give you a GrogJr and says that it could only make a parrot drunk. Remember that hint.

To Knuttin Atoll

Go to your ship. There is a small boat. Use it and you'll get to the map.

Row the boat to Knuttin Atoll.

When you try to pass the big ship you are summoned there. Talk to the captain. You'll learn that he is trying to prevent pirates to meet and conspire.
If they gather somewhere he shoots at them.

Get out of there.

At school

Row to the small bay at Knuttin Atoll and leave the boat.
Go to the big house. It is a school and Ozzie has ordered that all pirates shall learn new manners. As you want to know what it is all about, sign up.

You have to take a test. As you like being a pirate answer all questions as a real pirate would.
(Notice the chest in the lower right corner. It contains a lot.)
You'll end up outside with a dunce cap.

Puppet Theater

Go to the stand near the shore. It is a puppet theater. Talk to the dolls. Ask them to talk to the puppeteer. You have to nag but at last he comes.

Talk to him about everything. When you show him the painting he gets scared and runs away. Take the dolls.

Then go to the shore and exit to the right of the screen above the shed.

The buried hat

You come to a clearing where two pirates is talking. When you come they get scared. One of then runs away but it is too late. The captain of the ship has seen you and a cannon ball comes flying. Thanks to the pirate's warning no harm is done. You are told that as soon as he sees three pirates, the captain fires the cannon.
Talk to the pirate about everything. It is important that he tells you about having buried his fathers hat at the nearby Stony Beach. Also talk about the parrots and you'll learn that one of them always tells the truth and the other one always lies. You can't tell who is who because they're identical. But they are very useful if you want to know something..

Exit to the top right of the screen and you'll come to the Stony Beach. There are too many stones. You must have some help to find the right one. Maybe the parrots can help you. But how can you summon them. Maybe you could find something in that chest in the school. You must lure the teacher away to be able to enter.,

Use the fire alarm. When the teacher runs out, hurry into the school and look in the chest. Get the whistle.

If she catches you go out and do it all again.

Go to Stony Beach and use the whistle,
The parrots come flying. Now you must decide which one always tells the truth.

Remember the bartender said the GrogJr could make a parrot drunk.

Give GrogJr to one of the parrots. Then ask the same parrot a question to which you know the right answer. Now you can decide if the drunken parrot is telling the truth or not. Notice the hiccup.
Ask the parrots which direction leads to the correct stone.

You have to walk a great deal before you eventually come to the correct stone.
The stone is too heavy. You cant lift it. Maybe the captain can help you demolishing the stone. He shoots as soon as he sees three pirates talking.
Use the two dolls with the stone. Then talk to them until you are seen.

The big cannon comes out. Bang, the stone bursts.
Guybrush picks up the hat and shows it.

Go to the boat and row to Jambalaya. To avoid the ship you can land at Stan's shore and walk to town.

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