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Act 3

1- Guybrush meets Herman Toothrot.

Herman's camp

So you are back on Monkey Island.
The island that you can't leave. You have got absolutely nothing.
But somehow Timmy has managed to come too.
Look at the note. It is signed HT. Someone else must be here. Could it be your old friend Herman, who lived at the volcano last time you were here?

Walk to the bottom of the screen and you'll come to the map.

There is a camp nearby. Go there.
A man who looks a bit dizzy is standing there. It is Herman Toothrot. He has obviously moved down to the beach. Talk to him. He doesn't recognize you. He must have lost his memory.

The only thing he remembers is that he this morning woke with a bump on his head and a coconut beside him. Best way to treat a person who lost his memory is to repeat the last event.
Go to the camp. Get the coconut and throw it at Herman. His memory is slightly better. Now he remembers his name. Ask him about the earliest thing he can remember.

He remembers wakening in a clearing with a milk bottle beside him. It was just after the pirate ship had shot at the volcano and made it erupt and spill the lava.
To learn more from Herman you must obviously go to the volcano and look for the milk bottle.

Go to the map and then to the lava field.

The Lava field

You see the bottle immediately but before you can take it Timmy gets it and throws out into the lava field. It lands on a stone. (It always lands at this stone but at different sides.)
You can't just walk to the field you must find another way.

The Mine

You realize you can never get the bottle without some sort of tool.
Go to the map and then to the mine. Look around.
You find Herman's old banana picker.
You can enter the mine if you want to.

Funny that they store gunpowder here where there are torches. It might explode and ruin the mine. A big steel door prevents your going any further. The lock is at the inside. You can open a vent but it is too small for you to get through.

The Church

Go to the church and talk to the priest.
LeChuck has founded a new religion with his own priest.
Ask the priest to ride the boat on the lava field. You have to ask twice.

Jump into the boat. Try to steer it near the bottle.
Keep to the left to avoid going back into the church. Collide with the logs to make them move. Get your banana picker ready.

Look at the pool and the weed when you pass it. Is it the weed that grows into the mine?

When you are near the milk bottle you'll get a line telling you to pick it up. Press Enter and you'll get it.
Then steer the boat into the church.

Look at the big monkey above the door before you leave. It is something funny with his eyes. There are two shields. Pick them up using the banana picker.
Use the shields. They are in reality cymbals.

Return to Herman and hit him with the milk bottle. Now his memory gets a little better. He remembers you and what you were doing.

The earliest thing he remembers is having been hit with an accordion.
You must search the island for an accordion.

To the previous page To the next page The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Escape from Monkey Island from LukasArts Entertainment
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company