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Act 3

2- Guybrush opens a way to Monkey Town.

Herman's gold mine

You want to look at Herman's mine but you know you are too big to get through the vent. Perhaps Timmy could help you. But for that you need bananas, and lots of bananas. Use the banana picker and get all of the bananas in the tree at the shore. Give Timmy a banana. Go to the map and he follows you. Avoid the camp. If you go there inadvertently, give Timmy another banana and he follows you again.

You need to give Timmy two more bananas to get him all the way to the steel door.
Open the vent and throw a banana into it. Timmy goes after the banana. Quickly close the vent before he sneaks out again.

Show Timmy a banana at the upper part of the portal where you earlier saw the lock.
He'll jump on the lock and open the door.
Enter and look around. There are a lot of things that you won't touch. In the machinery there is a weed whipper. Use the banana picker to get it.

A bridge over the lava canal

Go to the lava field. Look at it. There is a bridge leading from the terrace to the other side of the island. If you could kick down the tree you could use it as a bridge. But first you must get to the terrace to reach the tree. If you could make the lava float into the pool you could go there by boat. But how can you flood the lava.

Go to the Vista point.
There are canals dug into the cliff. Try to throw some stones into the different canals. The stone passes through the canals and is thrown out over the cliff. It lands at different places on the island depending on through which canal it leaves the cliff.

If you could make a stone land in the lava field it might make the lava spill over to the pool. Then you could get to the terrace by boat.

But to alter the directions of the stones you must throw several stones and make them collide at the right moment.

This is rather tricky and must be very precise. There are three roots marked at the picture above that will help you.

1 Pick up a stone and throw it into the right canal.
2. Quickly pick up a new stone and highlight the line "Throw the stone into the middle canal.". When the stone just has passed root 1 (the right one) and it has moved, press Enter to throw the new stone.
3. Quickly pick up a new stone and highlight the line "Throw the stone into the left canal.". When the stone just has passed root 2 (the left one) and it has moved, press Enter to throw the stone.
4. Quickly pick up a new stone and again highlight the line "Throw the stone into the left canal.". When the stone just has passed root 3 (the middle one) and it has moved, press Enter to throw the stone.
If you have used a right timing the stones will collide near root 3 and the stone falls into the canal at the bottom middle of the screen.

Things happen and you can see the lava flood and fill the pool on the terrace.
Go to the church and ask for a new ride. Now steer the boat into the pool.

Look at the weed. Maybe their roots grow into the mine. What happens if you remove them. Worth trying.

Use the weed whipper on the weed.

You can see how the lava pours into the mine and ruins the machinery.

The pool is only half full.
Go to the tree and kick it. It falls over the canal and makes a perfect bridge.
You now have free passage to the rest of the island.

The accordion

Go to the right over the stone bridge and you'll come to the map.
Follow the way past the bay and turn left to get to Monkey Town.
You'll come to a clearing where a little monkey is running around.
Pass the clearing and exit to the left of the screen and you'll return to the map.
Enter Monkey Town.

You can greet Jojo but then end conversation and go to the monkey who plays the accordion.
Get your cymbals and use them.
The monkey rushes down, grabs your cymbals and drops the accordion.
Get it and return the long way to the camp.

Grandpa Marley

Throw the accordion at Herman. Now all his memory comes back and he starts telling you all that has happened.

Twenty years ago he left Melée Island for a competition in Australia. The night before the competition he drank too much grog and spilled all his secrets to a stranger.

This man was Ozzie Mandrill.
He even told him about the three headed monkey and the Ultimate Insult.
When Guybrush tells Herman that Mandrill and LeChuck are out to get the Ultimate Insult and also have all the parts to the talisman, Herman tells Guybrush that he is Elaine's grandpa.

He tells Guybrush that the Gubernatorial Symbol is needed to make the talisman work. This he never told Ozzie. As long as Elaine stays in hiding everything is all right.

At the same moment Pegnose Pete captures Elaine and takes her to Ozzie.

Guybrush is worried and asks how to defeat the talisman. He is told that he must learn the old language, which is the source of all languages. It is also an old monkey languages. Guybrush must go to the monkeys and learn that language. In addition he must get a Bronze hat ant put it on the head of the big monkey in order to find a way to leave Monkey Island.

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